YIHUA 706 Professional Soldering Station 160L Micro Tin Soldering Iron

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YIHUA 706 Professional Soldering Station 160L Micro Tin Soldering Iron

1. Using the latest microcomputer processor PID program control technology, accurate digital display air gun and soldering iron temperature, large air volume, rapid air output, not affected by the amount of air. Realize lead-free desoldering. The program tracks the actual temperature of the iron and air gun in high-millisecond units. The magical temperature compensation speed further enhances the stability of the temperature, the small temperature steady-state error, and the fast temperature compensation, and can adapt to various harsh environments.

2. The fan type adopts the safety protection, and the starter automatically detects whether the handle is in the handle frame, preventing the safety hazard caused by the falling of the handle. All parts of the machine are also equipped with automatic detection functions, all intelligent over-temperature, short circuit, open circuit, overload and other fault display and protection functions.

3. Humanized design, equipped with manual automatic gun function, can be set according to the use of the environment, when the frequent use of the air gun can be selected manually, eliminating the need for repeated heating time, convenient and efficient, and improve work efficiency.

4. According to the market demand in different regions, the product has a precise display function of Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion, which can be selected according to personal preferences.

5. Internal use of a microcomputer processor, few peripheral components, plus the latest SMT process manufacturing, the signal flow to the machine clear and clear, the machine stability and safety performance further improved.

6. The iron part can be customized according to different needs, can be customized domestic high-quality heating core and imported high-power heating core two kinds of handle.


Power supply: 110V/220V AC 50-60Hz(Optional)
Soldering Power: 50w
* Temperature range: 200-480 ° C
* The potential between the tip and the ground: <2mV
* The resistance between the tip and the ground: <2ohms

Hot air gun: temperature range 100-480 C °
* 720W maximum absorption
* Flow rate d% u2019aria up to 168 L / min
* Tube length about 90 cm
* Dimensions 124 x 187 x 157 mm
* Weight: 4Kg

Package Included:
- 1 x Yihua 706 professional soldering station 160l micro tin soldering iron

Power supply 110V/220V AC 50-60Hz(Optional)
Temperature Range 200-480 ° C
Hot air gun Temperature range 100-480 C °