YIHUA 305DA 30V 5A Regulated Switching Mode Adjustable DC Power Supply 110V/220V

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YIHUA 305DA 30V 5A Regulated Switching Mode Adjustable DC Power Supply 110V/220V

- It have 4 digital display show the voltage and current value,it value shows very very precision .
- It can adjustable the current protection value directly, audio-visual,it operation convenience .
- The device have 3 groups output for current and voltage,so you can use 3 groups output working at the same time.
- The machine arts and crafts is SMT ,all used the latest technique .
- You can turn off the output ,set the protection current and voltage,this way can protect the test device.

- Model:YIHUA-305DA
- Input voltage:220V AC±10% 50Hz / 110V AC±10% 60Hz (Switchable)
- Voltage Output: 0-30V
- Current Output: 0-5A
- Wattage: 150W
- Operating temperature: -10C -40C
- Relative humidity < 90%
- Storage temperature: -10C - 40C
- Relative humidity < 80%
- Display accuracy: ±1% ±1 unit

Overload mediation
- Voltage: 0.01%+3mV(I≤3A)
- Current: 0.2%+3mA(I≤3A)

Power mediation rate and resolution
- Voltage: 0.01%+3mV
- Current: 0.01%+3mA
- Voltage: 10mV
- Current:1mA(2mA Rated Current>3A)

Setting accuracy: (25±5°C)

- Voltage:≤0.1%
- Current:≤10mA Rated Current>3A)
- Voltage Ripple≤1mVrms(≤2mVrms>3A

Temperature coefficient (0-40°C)
- Voltage≤300ppm+10mV
- Current≤300ppm+10mA

Read back value resolution
- Voltage≤300ppm+10mV
- Current≤300ppm+10mA

- Voltage≤300ppm+10mV
- Current≤300ppm+10mA

- Products Related to Electron,Auto,Computer
- Research Institutions
- Educational Institutions can use it like a research equipment.

Package included:
- 1xYIHUA-305DA DC Power supply
- 1xUser guide