YH-30 Manual Labelers Applicator Barcode Label Sticker Sticking Labelling Machine

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YH-30 Manual Labelers Applicator Barcode Label Sticker Sticking Labelling Machine

This machine is simple, fast labeling speed than artificial hand labeling is more than three times faster, but also inexpensive, contrast this machine has the following characteristics:
- This machine is easy to operate, without power and gas source, any object can stick labels, labeling neat, simple operation, even under the most demanding conditions can be used, just hand a press that is able to automatically label from the bottom paper strip, having a good subject to labeling machine to get hands in front of things to complete labeling.
- Easy to install standard, made to paste the label roll (1-60 cm range), the label can be placed there in;
- This machine can be diversified, not only the standard square stickers, stickers can be round, duly round, rectangular, flat standard (self-adhesive), but can also posted outside the box (such as color, with a pass mark, barcodes standard, such as stickers), this machine is used to laser sticker affixed to books, audio-visual products, such as the better.
- Replacement tags convenient, simple, left the label;
- The material lightweight, long hand-held operation.



Handheld Labeling Machine



Label width


Label height


Roll diameter

Minimum 1 inch

Roll diameter

Max 100mm


285 (L) × 112 (H) × 60 (W) mm



Application Tags: Goods Label Barcode Label security labels

Scope: You can place the label on boxes, cartons, clothes, books, audio and video products, bags and other objects of any kind in any part; without label shape and material restrictions, square, round, oval, laser mark can be used; widely used in food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health food industries, such as bottles, cosmetic bottles, honey pot, bean cans and other labeling.

Package Included:
1 x YH-30 Handheld Labeling Machine