XBM-57 RC Drone 8MP HD Camera 4CH Upgrade Altitude Hold FPV HD Quadcopter Blue

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XBM-57 RC Drone 8MP HD Camera 4CH Upgrade Altitude Hold FPV HD Quadcopter Blue


- Picked from the best drone manufacturers, vamped with expert care, designed for the true drone lovers the XBM-57 1080p HD T-Smart drone is our new easy-fly Beast !
- The energetic design of T-smart masterpiece boasts the most handy first person view solution with a 1080p HD Wi-Fi FPV camera for aerial videos. The automatic & powerful unmanned vehicle also has a 3D flip mode while being powered by 700 mAh & 7.4V Li-Po battery.

Altitude Hold
- A feature that allows a drone to autonomously maintain its altitude without throttle input from the pilot. An air pressure sensor or barometer is used by the drone to determine its altitude and the flight controller uses this reading to determine the right amount of throttle needed to maintain a fixed altitude. This is a great feature to have for beginner pilots who lack the skills needed to fly a drone in manual mode. Altitude hold frees a pilot’s attention on the throttle stick so more focus can be given to the aileron and elevator controls.

One Key Easy Take Off & Landing

- This drone series has a easy to use one key take off and landing, making it easy to get your drone off the ground and land safely. Very useful for the less experienced flyers

One Key Return To Home
- In simple words, hitting the Return to Home/One Key Return button will trigger your quadcopter drone to fly back to the take off position.
- Automatic land on low battery

Multiple flight speed rates
- Wi-Fi REAL Time1080p HD Video Transmission Through Your iOS/iPhone Or Androin Device
- FPV, or First Person View, is a concept in the drone hobby where a live video stream from the drone is sent to a display in the pilot’s view.
- In other words, FPV is the tech that let’s you see what the drone sees. How does this help? For one, the experience of flying in FPV is considered, by some, to be ‘out of the world’; in more subtle language, the degrees of freedom that FPV flights provide are second to none. Second, when you’re flying long range, it is easy to lose sight of your quadcopter or RC drone, which increases the chances of losing your drone. With FPV, you know exactly where your RC drone is flying. Because you see what’s around it.

Built In 1080p, 160° Degree Wide Angle HD Camera

- Advanced Ultra-Wide Viewing lens camera that capture a large area. Boasting a massive 160° diagonal field of view, this sophisticated camera are perfect for large area viewing.
- Experience the difference that 1080p HD video makes. the built in camera is capable recording high definition 1080p (1920×1080) video. This ensures crisp, detailed high definition live viewing and recording that will leave nothing to the imagination.
- Image result for hd 1080p camera drone

12 Minutes Flight Time

- Because of the 7.4v battery, this drones packs an impressive 12 minutes of flight time. Thats nearly double flight time of a simular drone of this price range.
- Up to 100 meters control range
- Up to 50 meters FPV range

Easy Charging

- You can charge this 1080p HD drone directly from the proprietary micro usb socket on the side of the drone making it very easy to charge it without having to remove the battery.

Package Included:

- 1 x XBM-57 1080p HD T-Smart quadcopter drone
- 1 x 800 mAh/7.4V Li-Po battery
- 1 x Remote controller
- 1 x USB charging cable
- 1 x USB card reader
- 1 x screwdriver
- 1 x user manual