X-Racer X-1 Micro FPV Drone Quadcopter BNF Combo w/ Camera and 5.8G VTX Gray

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X-Racer X-1 Micro FPV Drone Quadcopter BNF Combo w/ Camera and 5.8G VTX Gray

FPVModel's newest addition to the micro scene X-racer X-1 comes with its own specially designed F3 flight controller with an easy access rear facing USB port for connecting to the betaflight configurator. The build-in RX is compatible with Frsky and makes binding to the Taranis X9D, Taranis QX7 and other Frsky compatible Transmitter modules a snap.

We've also designed a 25mw 48ch VTX to mount flushly on the top of the FC and give an even more aero dynamic low profile design for the vedio transmission. By using this low profile design we're able to streamline the body of X-Racer X-1 and allow for smooth airflow over the low slung canopy, allowing for smooth airflow over the top of the frame.

Using a high quality micro FPV camera, we've saved some much needed space for this design and were able to place the camera in a low profile position between the two forward motors allowing for a design that doesn't require the vedio system being mounted in a high profile top mount fo the aircraft.
Included in the package comes large capacity 250mAh 3.8V 60C batteries, There batteries are designed to give the user a comfortable 3.5-4 minute flight time depending on your paticular flying style.

The X-Racer X-1 comes with equipped with the high preformance dragonfly 7x16mm 14000 KV motors. There motors preform excellently and give the user the power they need. Feeling riduculouse? Opt in for a set of the 19000 KV to increase your speeds at a small cost in flight time. We've found the higher KV motors can refuce flight time to right around 3 minutes.

- Pre-flashed with the latest Betaflight firmware.
- Micro 5.8g 48ch Vtx.
- FC is compatible with FrSky & SBUS, USB port ready.
- Micro FPV HD Camera.
- The case is available in various colors. (Blue, Gray, Yellow, Rose Red, optional)
- The BNF version is completely assembled that just need to bind with the Taranis then fly.
- No soldering or 3D printing required.
- Color: Gray

The BNF version is a fully assembled kit and it is fully tested before shipping. All firmwares are loaded and customers just need to bind with their Frsky transmitter and enjoy the flight.

Package Included (All assembled in BNF combo):
- 1* X-Racer X1 Frame
- 1* X-Racer X1 Cover
- 1* Set of Flight Controller, Camera, TX and Antenna
- 1* X-Racer HV 1S 250mah 3.8v 60C Hight Voltage Battery
- 4* Dragonfly 7x16mm 19000KV Coreless Motor (2cw + 2ccw)
- 8* X-Racer 31mm 4 Blade Clear Propellers(4cw + 4ccw)
- 1* USB charging cable