Wireless Learning Remote Control for Car Door Garage Door

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Wireless Learning Remote Control for Car Door Garage Door

Don't get caught out without your remote control: copy the functions of your original remote to this 1 channel RF key fob with code learning functions and you'll always have a back up. Easy to install and use, the 1 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets, car and home or garage.

Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers:
- Vehicle central locking systems
- Garage doors
- Electronic gates
- Electrical appliances
- Heating systems
- Transmitting Frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz optional


Clear Code

Hold down the lock and unlock at the same time, 6 seconds after LED lights began to flash 3 times, the rest is rapid blinking, indicating that code has been cleared.


Left hand holding the original remote control, right hand from the copy of our remote control, 2 remote control as close as possible. At the same time pressing the 2 remote locking keys, 3S, after, LED lantern flashing 3, the rest is quickly flash, which indicates that the original remote locking key codes have been since the copy of our school into a remote control