Waterproof 12000Ah Portable Solar Charger USB Battery Power Bank Orange

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Waterproof 12000Ah Portable Solar Charger USB Battery Power Bank Orange


- 100% new and high quality.
- High conversion rate, bottom heat, the average conversion efficiency of about 88%.
- Cell phone charger compatible with various digital devices, large capacity, easy to use, light where there is power, cycle life never power.
- Front with solar panels absorb light energy into electricity, gently Double-click the power button can turn on the back of the flashlight LED.
- Head has dual USB output interface, waterproof and dustproof, which can give two mobile phone charging.
- Using high quality imported environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries, more than 80% capacity, sustainable long charge and discharge, stable performance.
- Get a carabiner, outdoor portable, rechargeable at any time for outdoor emergency.
- Applicable to all types of market most of phone, PDA, digital camera, MP3, MP4, PSP game consoles, is travel, tourism, long-distance travel ship, field operations and other environmental standby power.

- Product name: Solar Power
- Material: Plastic
- Color: orange
- Size: Approx. 16x7.5x1.5cm/6.29"x2.95"x0.59"
- Batteries Type: Lithium-ion polymer batteries
- USB Output: USB1: DC 5V 1A, USB2: DC 5V 2A
- Power Capacity: 12000mAh

How to Charge:
- Connected to the computer, connect the cable with the connector, and then to insert the DC-IN jack, USB USB connector and the other end connected to the computer.
- USB Adapter, connect the cable with the connector, and then insert the product DC-IN jack, USB connector and the other end of the USB DC 5V adapter.
- Charging lamp blinks when fully lit.


- The first use of the product set is fully charged.
- In the process of charging the electronic device, when the battery indicator turns off, the product electricity shortage, need timely charging.
- When in use, please turn on the electronic device screen, confirm charging connection flag displayed correctly, guaranteed to work.

Package Included:
1x Solar Power
1x Carabiner
1x USB Cable
1x User manual