USB SD Card MP3 U-disk Module Shield 64Mbit Flash

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Arduino USB SD Card MP3 U-disk Module Shield 64Mbit Flash


We already designed an Arduino Wave Shiled. However, it doesn't support MP3 formate. So now here comes Arduino MP3 Shield. This shield is more powerful and flexible. It supports both wave and mp3 formate. Both SD card and U-disk are supported direcly. Also there is an on-board 64Mbit flash which could store music files.

There is a standard 3.5mm headset jacket on the shield. You could connect with a standard earphone. We also integrate an audio amplifier on the shield. You could connect loadspeaker directly.


- Plug in and play for Arduino
- Control by Serial UART interface or keys onboard.
- Directly drive 32ohm headset.
- On-board Audio Amplifier to drive 3W/4Ω external loudspeaker.
- 32 levels adjustable volume.
- Support FAT16/FAT32 file system.
- Support both SD/SDHC card and U-Disk.
- On board 64MBit SPI-FLASH.
- Support copying audio files from SD card or U-Disk to SPI-FLASH.
- Supporting Sleep Mode.
- Support 16K~320Kbps MP3 files and 8K~44.1KHz sampling rate WAV files (SPI-FLASH only supports MP3 format)