Unique Realistic LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

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- They really do look like they are swimming and drifting around in this clever LED tank
- There's no need for food or special pumps etc
- These JellyFish are synthetic, although very convincing, just fill the tank with water, drop in the jellyfish and watch it go
- The tank itself conceals a clever pump in the lid which make the jellyfish swim and bob around the tank as we as some colour changing LED lights, making these jellyfish into a hypnotic, organic mood light
- Unique stress remedy
- 12 LED lights with 5 colour-changing lighting system to illuminate the jellyfish
- Energy-saving automated timer
- Includes: 3 realistic jellyfish (2 small, 1 large); Tank; 230~240V AC EU Charger (185cm-Cable); Instruction sheet