Topping NX1S Earphone Headphone Portable Stero MP3 Amplifier 3.5mm Rechargeable White

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Topping NX1S Earphone Headphone Portable Stero MP3 Amplifier 3.5mm Rechargeable White

- NX1s upgrade version.Use OP+BUF structure,increase thrust to 150mW (32 ohm),150% of NX1A , easy to deal with the huge headset. NX1s minimum distortion down to 0.0005% (300 ohm), frequency expansion to 20-100kHz, bottom noise down to 3uV (low gain), NX1s has leapfrog challenge strength.Hi-Res, Audio standard sound quality
- Nx1s is a high performance headphones amplifier gain and a selectable mega bass, it was designed for all types of music player to improve the quality of power output and drive a motorcycle helmet.
- Output power:the higher the better.
- Distortion degree: the lower the better.
- Bottom noise:the lower the better.
- CD sound quality can reaches 20-20kHz requency fresponse,Japan Hi-Res Audio standard requires 20-40kHz frequency response,its highest frequency is twice as the CD good quality.NX1s frequency response is 20-100kHz.The NX1s size is 75 percent as the former.Headphone amps is smaller and more easy to carry.
- All aluminum shell,MACBOOK surface treatment.Aluminum turnery and tread wheel increase the friction operation.
- There are two bosses on the panel.Separate gain,bass gain.
- You can select high gain or low gain.Normal volum uses low gain.Low noise,weak input signal uses high gain,high magnifying ability.
- Turn on the bass promoting switch,you can get powerful bass.When you turn off the insulation,you will get original sound.
- NX1s built-in battery 1000mAh,battery life can reach 40 hours.When it is short of power,LED will change into red and warin to charge.
When the power out,you can get full charge less than 4 hours.

Main Unit Basic Attributes:
- Size:8.4cmX5.5cmX1.0cm
- Weight:78g (Battery is included)
- Colour:silver/black.Please let us know which colour you want.
- Signal input:1x3.5 headphone jack
- Signal output:1x3.5 headphone jack
- Volume control:audio special potentiometer
- Bass improve:first grade
- Gain option:first grade
- Battery capacity:1000mAh
- Battery life:>40 hours
- Charge time:<4 hours
- Color: White

Audio Performance attributes:
- Recommend load reistance range:16~300ohm
- The Max power output:150mWx2(RL=32ohm,THD+N=1%);25mWx2(RL=300ohm,THD+N=1%)
- Voltage output swing:7.8Vpp
- Typical distortion degree THD+N (@1kHz):0.003%(RL=32ohm,Gain=L,P=5mW);0.005%(RL=300ohm,Gain=L,P=5mW)
- Frequency Response:20~200kHz
- Input sensitivity:2.8Vrm(G=L);1Vrm(G=L)
- Buttom noise (A weigt):3uV (RL=32ohm,G=L);7uV (RL=32ohm,G=H)
- Gain:0.0dB/8.7dB
- Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR):117dB (RL=300ohm,G=L);108dB (RL=300ohm,G=H)
- Crosstalk:-93dB (Gain=L,1V rms,1kHz)

Package included:
- 1 x NX1s Main unit
- 1 x USB wire
- 1 x Recording Line
- 10 x Velcro
- 2 x Bandage
- 1 x Soft silicon film
- 1 x Warranty card
- 1 x Instruction