Tarot GOPRO T-3D ? Metal 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro Hero4 Session TL3T02

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Tarot GOPRO T-3D Ⅳ Metal 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro Hero4 Session TL3T02

TAROT GOPRO T-3D IV metal triaxial PTZ camera designed for GOPRO HERO4 SESSION customized, integrated TAROT series PTZ all high-end technology, with full CNC ribbed slab structure overall industrial design, lightweight and brings the strongest stability. Even in extremely harsh environments, also accurate to lock the camera to maintain a high degree of stability, the output of the ultimate experience of fine screen. Tarot GOPRO T-3D IV metal with excellent math skills triaxial PTZ PTZ control system, built-in stand-alone IMU precise attitude control PTZ, and PTZ integrated servo drive module, support for gesture lock, pointing to follow and the first three kinds of perspective Operating mode.

- Input Power: 3S-6S Li (11V-26V)
- Working Current: 30mA(@25V)
- Stall Current: 350mA(@25V) 700mA(@12V)
- Working Environment: -20℃~+50℃
- Weight: 153g
- Dimensions (with T-3D IV): 80mm*90mm*120mm
- Max Controllable Rotation Speed:TILT: ±200 deg/s
- ROLL: ±200 deg/s
- PAN: ±200 deg/s
- Controllable Rotation Range:TILT: -120 deg ~ +80 deg
- PAN: -125 deg ~ +125 deg
- ROLL: -50 deg ~ +50 deg
- Attitude Control Accuracy: ±0.02°
- Supported Camera: GOPRO HERO4 SESSION
- Assistant Software Supporting Platform:Windows XP/VISTA/7/8

Package included:
- 1x Triaxial metal pan 153 g
- 1x PTZ control module (36 × 25 × 11MM)
- 1x 8P head main body and the head cable
- 1x 5V output, the receiver and video cable
- 1x USB module (27 × 21 × 7MM)
- 1x Flight control cable
- 1x Foam sponge
- 1x Original box

Input power 3S-6S Li (11V-26V)
Working Current 30mA(@25V)
Stall current 350mA(@25V) 700mA(@12V)
Weight 153g
Tilt ±200 deg/s
Tilt -120 deg ~ +80 deg
Pan -125 deg ~ +125 deg
Roll -50 deg ~ +50 deg