Tarantula Dual Head 3D Printer Kit w/ SD-Card Auto-Level 2 Roll Filament

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Tarantula Dual Head 3D Printer Kit w/ SD-Card Auto-Level 2 Roll Filament


Tevo Tarantula is based on the Prusa i3, a proven design with tens of thousands users all around the world. This printer sports Dual-Head extruder with firmware that allows you to print with two different color filaments at the same time! Now you have a great opportunity to own one of our Tevo Tarantula 3d Prusa i3, Seventh generation model 3D Printers. All parts of this 3D printer are Open Source and are part of the RepRap project. There are no hard to find parts so in the event you ever have to perform any repairs to your printer rest assured parts are readily available!

The Tarantula uses all metal parts in its frame construction – extruded black anodized aluminum is used for the frame material with laser cut acrylic plates for the assemblies and ball bearing v-grove wheels for smooth, quite operation. There are none of the smooth rod, linear bearing issues you find with other printers in this price range! The only acrylic parts are the clear cover plates for the electronics, the wheel plates and the print bed mounting plate.

The dual-head extruder design is based on the E3D V6 design with modifications for dual hot-end installation on a single cooling block to reduce the size of the extruder assembly - allows more x-axis printing width overall as apposed to side mounted extruders that take up more of the x-axis space. Each extruder hot-end is fed by it's own feeder assembly to control the filament.


Package Included:

- 1 x Tarantula DUAL-HEAD 3D Printer Kit w/ SD-Card Auto-Level 2 roll Filament