Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Fisherman Waterproof Quadcopter RTF FPV Camera UAV

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Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Fisherman Waterproof Quadcopter RTF FPV Camera UAV

The Most Advanced Fishing Drone
-Drone fishing has become the trend in recent years for the advantage of long-range bait casting. However, most of the drones that are being used are not primarily designed for fishing use, this could mean you have to buy a release rig made by a third party and mount it on the legs or fuselage at your own risk. Quite often, those incompatible, rough release rigs may go wrong, dragging the drone into the water and hence, end of story.
-As a result of this need, early in 2015, Swellpro took the lead to customize Splash drone for fishing, by developing the fisherman version. It comes with a substantial, fully secure, payload release mechanism for precision fishing bait casting.
-Sharing the same waterproof frame, and all the good features from the Auto version , the latest Splash drone 3 fisherman provides you with an experience of ease, fun, and anxiety-free use, while helping you to catch a monster from far off.

Precision Release Mechanism
You don't need to drive a boat far out for surf fishing in the deep ocean. Just relax at the beach, or on the shore and let the Splash drone do it for you. Splash drone 3's SAR payload release mechanism is engineered to carry a long fishing line out and drop the bait at your desired spot. One kilometer flying range allows you to reach areas that you couldn't normally approach, or hope to get to. Distancing itself (from other fishing rigs randomly released by self-tension), Splash drone instantly drops the bait with a simple flick of a switch on the remote controller, resulting in a precise and safe release. No setup is required. It can be quickly installed or removed from the aircraft just like the waterproof camera gimbal. Attaching the line into the mechanism just takes a few seconds.

Multiple Bait Dropping
The max payload of Splash drone fisherman is 1kg (2 pounds) allowing the release mechanism to carry more than 10 hook baits, or traces at the same time. It is even possible to lift up a small bass straight out of the water without pulling your fishing rod. The flying speed is up to 21m/s with a maximum of 20 minutes flying time, this makes it possible to take a few more drops within the running time of the battery charge cycle. A small investment, returning great dividends, with elevated efficiency, more than ever before.

Underwater Fishing Camera

- Waterproof FPV Camera
- A waterproof FPV camera is integrated into the release mechanism, eliminating the requirement and inconvenience of switching between two separate devices. The camera can be tilted within a 90° range, which greatly increases your scope of vision. The CCD sensor lens captures 720P(800TVL) high-quality video with excellent light sensitivity, helps you easily hunt fish, either from above or below the water's surface.

Live Video Monitor
An FPV LCD monitor is built in the remote controller, instantly displaying live video feed from the camera on Splash drone. The video transmission is achieved within a range of 1KM through a 5.8Ghz wireless system, free of delay, or interference. Despite the Splash drone flying out of your sight, you can still determine when and where you are supposed to drop the hook or bait.

100% Waterproof
- The biggest threat to a drone used for fishing is crashing into the water. Even the moisture and salt in the air around the ocean could corrode and even destroy the electronics and significantly shorten the life of the drone.
- The frame, motors, release mechanism, and every part of Splash drone 3 fisherman are fully waterproof. It is able to take off and land on the water, resist both fresh and salt water, with all metal screws and fastenings made from top quality stainless steel.
- As Splash drone can float, don't panic even if it is pulled down into the water by a giant tuna or a great shark, it will return to the surface. Despite the frame being watertight, the battery is still interchangeable, which increases the time available to you, for bait deliveries.
- Utilizing a 3mm ABS fuselage, the Splash Drone Fisherman is far more rugged than any other drone in the world, being able to survive the various tough water conditions.

All Weather Proof

Splash drone 3 fisherman comes in a big and robust 450mm quadcopter frame, driven by new high torque 620kv motors, and new self-tightening propellers. It can fly and withstand winds up to 30mph. The frame stores the heat of electronics, this keeps the battery running, even in temperatures as low as -10C°. It is also sandproof and rainproof. Terrible weather may affect fish, but they have no adverse effect on Splash drone.

- Splash drone 3 fisherman is fully waterproof, ready to work in both fresh and salt water, able to land and float on the water.
- It is able to survive in all kinds of tough weathers.
- With 1kg payload capacity, Splash drone 3 is capable of carrying more than 10 hook and baits at one line.
- The remote controll release mechanism offers safe and precise release of fishing baits in desired locations.
- The release mechanism of Splash drone 3 is a quick-release structure, which allows for faster interchange with other modules like the waterproof gimbal.
- An FPV waterproof caemra is incorporated into the release mechanism for video transmission.
- The max flight range is more than 1 kilometer, enable bait delivery to any unreachable ares.
- New 620kv motors and quick release durable carbon fiber propellers for more power supply.
- The new Splash drone 3 remote controller is completely redesigned with a built-in FPV monitor for live video feed.
- Smart flight modes: auto hovering with GPS and altimeter, auto-return home and auto-landing.

- Waterproof Level:Surface Buoyant(short periods up to 600mm)
- Drone Weight:2380g(Auto version)
- Axis Diameter:450mm
- Max Ascend speed:4m/s
- Max descend speed:3m/s
- Max flight speed:16m/s
- Max flying altitude:4000meter(above sea level)
- Nominal flying:a.Typical Maximum = 8m/s(11-16knots)(F4)
- Wind speeds:b.Typical Gusts = 12m/s(22-27knots)(F6)Peak
- Hovering Precision:±1.5meter
- Max Flight time(per charge):16minutes
- Max Take off weight:3kg
- Positioning System:Dual Satellites-GPS/GLONSS
- Flight controller:Swellpro S3
- Waterproof Brushless Motor#3510/620KV
- ESC:40A

- Waterproof Rating:IP67
- Stabilization System:2 axis-Vertical adjust,Tilt correction
- Vertical Controllable Range:Tilt -90° to 0 ,Vertical -20° to 20°
- Angle step precision:±0.02°

FPV Screen
- Frequency:5645-5965HMZ
- Screen Size:5 inch
- Resolution:800×480Pixels
- Brightness:500cd/m2

Release Mechanism
- Waterproof Level:IP67
- Payload Capacity:1KG
- Size:150×65×43mm
- Weight:170g
- Voltage:4.8V-6.0V
- Material:Stainless Stell

Waterproof Camera
- Sensor:1099 1/3'
- Pixels:720*576(PAL) /720*487(NTSC)
- Resolution:800TVL(720P)
- FOV:120°

- Battery Type:4S lipo battery for drone / 2S lipo battery for controllor
- Capacity:14.8V 5200mAh(Drone) / 7.4V 1800mAh(controller)

Remote Control
- Weight:660g
- Frequency:2405-2475HMZ
- Range:1.0KM
- Receiver Sensitivity(1%PER):-105dbm
- Working Current:160-300mAh
- No.of Channels:10

Package Included:
- 1 x Aircraft
- 2 x Propellers
- 1 x 4S 5200mAh lithium Battery
- 1 x Landing gear
- 1 x Remote Controller
- 1 x Remote Controller lithium Battery
-1 x Remote Controller sling
- 1 x Waterproof Dispenser with lens
- 1 x Balance Charger
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1X Spare Waterproof Breathable Film
- 1 x Power Cable
- 1 x Instructions
- 1 x Proable bag
- 1 x Fitting bag

Nominal flying A.Typical Maximum = 8m/s(11-16knots)(F4)
Wind speeds B.Typical Gusts = 12m/s(22-27knots)(F6)Peak
Hovering precision ±1.5meter
Weight G
Positioning System Dual Satellites-GPS/GLONSS
Flight controller Swellpro S3
Angle step precision ±0.02°