Super Mini Handsfree Home Telephone Phone w/Earphone & Microphone

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Super Mini Handsfree Home Telephone Phone w/Earphone & Microphone

This is the most advanced super mini telephone in the communication market.Handsfree kit with an included Microphone headphone, no need to pick up any telephone handset again in chatting, fully enjoy handsfree feeling
From day to night, you can move freely on phone conversation.Light weight and portable, ideal to be used as a regular home telephone or an extension.

- Agile buttons design: 0-9 number keys, "*" as well as "#", "Hook" button for Answer/End a call and "Redial" button
- Telephone line jack available
- Extension jack available
- Audio jack on the side
- Working light indicator
- A Microphone headphone included


Making a call:
- Press “Hook” button, the indicator then turns red
- When you hear the dial tone, enter the telephone number
- Press “Hook” button again if you hang up the phone
Receiving a call:
- When the phone rings, please hang the earphone on your ears and press “Hook” button for conversation
- Press “Hook” button again to hang up the phone
- Press “Hook” button to get the dial tone at first
- Then press “Redial” button to dial the last number you have dialled

Package included:
- 1 x Super mini phone
- 1 x Phone cable with RJ11 plug
- 1 x Microphone headphone