Stainless Steel Multi-Fonction BBQ Manual Rapid Wear Meat Kebab Machine Kitchen

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Stainless Steel Multi-Fonction BBQ Manual Rapid Wear Meat Kebab Machine Kitchen

The machine is easy to operate.The machine wear meat fastly. And suitable for various lengths of bamboo, round sign, flat steel sign, etc, it can wear 8-String one time,another it can wear a variety of meat, its price is only a quarter of similar products.You can use it ever place. For example, a restaurant, preferred merchant etc.

1.Prod choice
In order to skewer a greater bend and break, please had better to select straight prod.

2.Meat cutting
Fillet of relatively uniform number,in order not to impact the effect, try to avoid the size difference is too large between meat and meat, whether it is meat or fat oil must be completely melt to wear a string , please don’t wear a cold or semi-frozen meat.

3.Put meat
Put meat to the template slot, if meat is small, please put the meat on top of template positioning red, do not put the meat on the inner space between two teeth, it is very important,if meat is large blocks, you can put the meat randomly.

4.Meat wearing
When pressed on the template, please add some strength appropriately, so pressure is not in the end affect the meat skewered effect, specific efforts can be flexible according to their size pieces.

1.Save time and improve efficiency;
2.Put the meat template using PE composite materials, not only safety and health, but also has high hardness and strength, never deformation.

Package included:
1x Manual Wear Meat Kebab Machine