SRT005-22-06A 6 Roads*2A OD22mm Hole 5mm Through Hole Slip Ring

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SRT005-22-06A 6 Roads*2A OD22mm Hole 5mm Through Hole Slip Ring

SRT005 is a standard series of through-hole slip rings, through-hole diameter of 5mm (applicable to any <= 5mm), an outer diameter of 22mm overall precision conductive plastic and aluminum structures of the slip ring. Support signal (2A), 15A voltage 240VAC / VDC.
Compared to similar products with high rotational accuracy, more stable performance and longer life. The use of contact materials used precious metal plated + superhard,torque is small, stable, long life, small fluctuations in resistance, contact resistance, ensuring excellent transmission performance.

Typical applications include automation equipment, working turntable, PTZ cameras, robots, etc.


- Operating Speed: 300rpm
- Rated Voltage: 380VDC/VAC
- Rated current: 2A/circut
- Temperature Range: -20Degree~ +60Degree
- Lead Size: 2A AWG28
- Lead Lengths: Standard 300 mm
- Dielectric strength: 500VAC @50Hz,between each circuit
- Insulation resistance: 1000M @ 500VDC
- Housing’s materials: Engineering plastic
- Operating humidity: 60% RH
- Protection grade: IP53
- Working life: ≥5000000 rpm (depending on the working environment and speed)