Snore Go away Stop Anti Snoring Snore-free Wristband Watch

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Snore Go away Stop Anti Snoring Snore-free Wristband Watch

Snore Go away is a revolutionary device designed to reduce snoring through a new nerve stimulation process.Snore Go away's development of electronic new product non-eyewinker using biological reaction is a simple and effective method to lower or reduces snoring . This process is as follows: non-eyewinker through tiny feeling detectors receiving snoring , automatic microcomputer controll output the stimulate signal , through the skin , make the user to change motorial sleep posture, in order to reduce snoring and to lower snoring sound

- Silent snore-free nights for you and your partner
- Simply operation and just wear on the wrist
- Smooth pulse without sturbing normal sleep
- Automatically detects snores
- Not affected if any buttons pressed while sleeping
- Automatic power-off after 12 hours of activation
- Fashionable watch-shaped design

- Output intensity: 180µA
- Main Output form: 0.2 HZ fixed
- Service time: 8 hours (automatic off)
- Power supply: 1 x AAA battery (Included)

Package includes

- 1 x Snore-free Wristband Watch
- 1 x AAA Battery
- 1 x Gel
- 1 x Manual

Main Output form 0.2 HZ fixed
Service time 8 hours (automatic off)
Power supply 1 x AAA battery (Included)