SK-120 Tire Auto Repair machine Kit Spot Vulcanizing Machine Vulcanizer Yellow

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SK-120 Tire Auto Repair machine Kit Spot Vulcanizing Machine Vulcanizer Yellow

1.Simple, one-man operation
2.Repairs tread, shoulder and sidewall
3.Large-capacity, fully rotating C-frame accommodates different wheel sizes and allows for vertical or horizontal repairs
4.Vulcanizing repair process cures the patch and inner tire lining to form a dense, sealed repair job
5.An adjustable, swing-open, rotating C-frame cavity simplifies tire loading and unloading while maximizing stability
6.Adjustable height tower
7.Contoured inner and outer curing heads conform to a variety of tire profiles
8.Long-life Acme thread hand-wheel screw applies over 4,000-lbs. of pressure and heat for maximum adhesion of patch to casing
9.Energy and cost efficient for lower operating costs
10.Lightweight, self-standing design offers portability and maximum stability
11.Doesn't require any time consuming tensioning straps
12.Handles long sidewall repairs
13.Cures both patch and plug at the same time
14.Curing heads can be operated individually or simultaneously for maximum repair efficiency
15.Constant controlled heating elements maintain optimum temperature

1.Input Voltage :220V
2.Automatic temperature:140℃-165℃
3.Vulcanizing area:100*80mm2
4.Weight:11.05kg/10.35 kg

Tire repair method:

1、Clean the surface of the wound where the tire needs to be repaired and mark it.
2、Use a grinding machine to grind the surface of the wound, the area is slightly larger than the wound。
3、Use the brush to raw rubber and gasoline blending good mortar (or hot glue) evenly coated on the polished.。
4、Cut the appropriate size of the rubber, it will fill in the wound,
5、Pressure the hot head on raw rubber (if possible can pad a thin layer of aluminum or iron in the raw rubber), try to put the wound in the central heating head, pressing screw, fixed tires.
6. Turn on the timer switch and set it in the right place, Cold start can refer to "20" (Or adjust the vulcanizing time according to the temperature and the condition of the wound) the heat start time can be a little shorter,if you do not need timing can be set on the manual gear, then the hot head to work.
7、At the end of vulcanization, tire repair machine automatically cut off power supply hot head.
8、Turn off the power switch, loosen the screw tire pressure, carefully remove the hot head, remove the tire.


1, the power cord must be safe ground, the power supply is preferably provided with leakage protection switch, you must turn off the power when replace the fuse.
2. Handle with care when removing hot head, to avoid burns.
3, the device Keep away from acid and other corrosive materials.
4. If you need to fill the tube elongated wound, to be equipped with an oval plate, while marked with small eyes at both ends of the wound to prevent cracking inflated leak.
5, after the head if you use hot sticky dirt, use sand to polish the skin clean, otherwise it will affect the flatness of Tyre, and smoothness.
6, the machine six months warranty and lifetime maintenance

Package Included:

- 1 x Tire Auto Repair machine Kit Spot Vulcanizing Machine Vulcanizer