Sensor Shield V08 UNO Leonardo DUE MEGA Compatible

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Sensor Shield V08 for Arduino UNO Leonardo DUE MEGA Compatible


- Compatible with Arduino 1.0 pinout
- Compatible with Arduino UNO, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino DUE, Arduino Mega and Arduino Duemilanove
- On-board VCC pins could be switched between 5V and 3V3
- 2.54mm spacing anti-reverse header which is also compatible of universal 2.54mm spacing female headers
- Overlapping designing which allows other Arduino shield inserted on the top
- On-board Rest button which could reset Arduino (Just like the Reset button on Arduino)

Look at the PCB view above, the 2 rows of VCC in black box could be changed between 5V and 3.3V by the VCC SWITCH on the board.

Package Included:

- Arduino Sensor Shield V08 x1