Restaurant Wireless Waiter Calling Paging System Set w/ 10Pcs Guest Call Buttons

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Restaurant Wireless Waiter Calling Paging System Set w/ 10Pcs Guest Call Buttons

This receiver host has advanced number speaker function, can clearly read the number, function, room number and so on and suitable for different places. The receiver adopts learning code technology which can be paired easily and freely.

Receiver Host Features:

- LED screen, eye catching, working and function status could be displayed at high definition
- Microcomputer high-speed processing technology
- Voice guide on whole operation, voice broadcast
- Independent storage memory avoiding data lost
- High receive sensitivity
- Beautiful and fashionable designing


Receiver Host
- Receiving sensitivity: -105dBm
- Encoding: million group registration
- Power supply: DC12V1A
- Reception band: 433MHz
- Antenna type: external antenna
- Max number connected to pager: 500 pager
- Support room number: 0001-9999, A001-F999
- Transmission distance: 500 meter(open area)
- Working temperature: -20 Celsius to 55 Celsius
- Display type: English letter, number, English letter + number
- Size: 230*160*35mm / 9*6.3*1.4 in
- Weight: 748g / 26.4oz

Call Transmitter Button

- Material: ABS + silica gel
- Frequency: 433MHz
- Encoding: million group registration
- Transmission distance: 800 meter (open area)
- Power supply: 12V23A battery
- Emission current: 18mA
- Standby current: < 1uA
- Color: green
- Size: 64*64*25mm
- Weight: 47g
- Waterproof base

Package Included:

- 1 x Receiver Host
- 10 x Call Button
- 10 x Sticker
- 1 x Charger for Receiver Host
- 1 x User Manual