Quick Clean Screen Printing Wash Tank Vertical Rinse Sink Washout Booth Light

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Quick Clean Screen Printing Wash Tank Vertical Rinse Sink Washout Booth Light

1. This cabinet is vertical type and composite construction, wheels at the bottom make sure it could move to any place at any time.

2. You can put in any screen frame which side length is less than 29.5" (75cm); if the frame length is larger than 29.5" (75cm) but less than 37.4" (95cm), please slant-set the screen frame to wash.

3. At the backside of the cabinet, has a large LED panel light, size 60x60cm; it help you to watch the condition of the screen when washing.

4.There are two fixed mounts in the sink, you can set the screen frame at different place according to the size or need. It also has a drain-pipe below the sink, connect with a S-like water pipe, sewage will be easily to expel to sewer.

5.In front of the cabinet has a waterproof curtain, it could avoid water splashing out. Operater can also adjust the hanging height to meet different demand.

6.At the bottom has a 21.6" (55cm) tall, 2.3" (6cm) wide shelf, when you wash clean the screen frame, you can slant them on the shelf, then water will flow into the stainless steel plate. This action will improve your efficiency and saving space.

7. Beside the shelf, there is a 23.2" (59cm) long , 14.5" (37cm) wide table-board. You can place some chemicals or accessory tools.

Construction & Packing
1. Composite construction, easy installation and operation.

2. This machine adopt laser cutting and advanced electrostatic spraying process, anti-corrosion, anti color fade, easy clean, original color and surface perfection can be retained for long time, the body of press without corrosion under long term use. LED panel light adopt 5mm acrylic transparent plate, friction resistance , easy to clean.

3. Packaging was made of export standard wooden case, foam board and plywood were stuff on each side of the carton for entire protection of the machine, all the metal parts was segregated by flexible foam, to avoid friction or crash, ensure the surface of each parts on the machine was integrity and without damage.

Wash sink size: 23.6x31.5x31.5 inch (60x80x80 cm)
Water pipe length: 118 inch (3M)
Packing size: 35"x35"x16.9" (89*89*43cm)
Weight: 172.8Lb (64.5kg)

Package included:
1 set of Vertical Type Screen Printing Washout Tank (006350)