Pneumatic Press Machine Small Desktop 80 Type Punch Machine Pressing 300KG w/ Controller

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Pneumatic Press Machine Small Desktop 80 Type Punch Machine Pressing 300KG w/ Controller


1, with compressed air as the power source, high efficiency and easy to operate, can reduce the labor force, can be suitable for manual operation,Automated assembly line operation
2, simple structure, convenient operation, cheap price, superior performance, no oil pressure system and the noise generated by the electric standby,Can save electricity consumption to reduce production costs, with a very high cost.
3, easy to adjust, simply adjusting the air pressure can be up to the required pressure, the cost rate is high. Guide rod with anti rotation,Guide plate, high precision, can meet the precision punching load
4, according to different products and mold, adjust the height of 'speed, stroke, pressure and stamping time;
5, can choose two hands control buttons and foot switch, can increase the protection device, heating mold, high temperature control and pressure sensor,Control device and control device to meet safety standards, to ensure the personal safety of operators.
6, using microcomputer control system, can choose manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation, the other can increase the control device.
Full range of gas - liquid table - precision presses, is a small precision pressure equipment.
Suitable for electronic, instrument, camera, bending, hardware and garment, shoes and caps;
The sheet, strip, sheet cutting, punching, blanking, forming "free bending, riveting process;
Suitable for non-ferrous metals, plastic parts, such as processing.


Cylinder SCJ 80*100-50 Adjustable 50 MM
Working pressure: 300KG
The difference is as follows:
The upgraded version of 50: a distinctive color appearance. Work planegrinding plaid. T overall use of vacuum sealing groove.

Package Included:

- 1 x Pneumatic press machine small desktop 80 type punch machine press 300KG w/ Controller