Pneumatic Air Pressure Brake Bleeder 1.32 Gallons Brake Fluid Pump Bleeder Kit

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Pneumatic Air Pressure Brake Bleeder 1.32 Gallons Brake Fluid Pump Bleeder Kit

Convenient --- One-man operation.
Portable --- Come with handle bar and custom adapters storage box.
Application --- For vehicles with an ABS system.
Used in professional workshop or in your own garage.

Caution: Before performing and maintenance on the Pressure Brake Bleeder, verify that the Pressure Brake Bleeder is depressurized.
- Clean up any brake fluid oil that may have spilled.
- Wipe down the Pressure Brake Bleeder components with a cloth.
- Store the unit in a clean and dry location.


Item Description
Function Remove and replace fluid from most typrs and models of vehicle brake systems. Also removes trapped air.
Working Air Pressure
10-30 PSI; 40 PSI Max; Consumption: 4.5 [email protected] PSI
Air Inlet 1/4"-18 NPT
Tank Fluid Capacity
1.32 Gallons (5.25 quarts)
Pressure Regulator
Manual control dial, locking
Pressure Gauge
0-140 PSI, 20 PSI increments; within 20 PSI increments, marked in 2 increments
Drain Tubes
2-12-1/2(L) × 0.316 (dia.) inches clear polyurethane with rubber bleeder adapter tip
Brake Fluid Filler Hose
10 feet, 3 inches(L) ×1/2 inch (dia.); reinforced polyurethane with ball valve and quick coupler at one end
Overall Dimensions
11 (dia.) × 8.5 (H) × 6.5 (base dia.) inches Overall height with habdle: 18 inches
Collection Bottles
2 - 9 (H) × 4-3/4 (L) × 2- 1/4 (W) inches; one quart each
Weight 19.6 lbs
Accessories Master Cylinder Addapters kit: 11 adapters - for domestic and import vehicles in plastic toolbox.

Package Included:
- 1×Pressure Brake Bleeder(With handle bar)
- Fluid Hose
- SF20 Quick Coupler
- Addapter Kit
- Used Fluid Collection Bottle
- Profession Users' Manual