PC Notebook/Laptop Video-VGA Digital Scan Converter Adapter

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Video-VGA Digital Scan Converter adapter

External AV-to-VGA digital scan converter
With the high quality video DACs,the video stream is displayed through its de-interlaced
RGB/YbPr outputs

- Supports composite VIDEO, S-VIDEO, RGB (Optional) output.
- Pure hardware design,just Plug & Play,no software or driver requirement
- 3D motion adaptive noise reduction
- Motion adaptive noise reduction
- The video deinterlacing processor automatically detects and can respond to noise thresholds and still images
- Provides 3D motion adaptive de-interlacing with diagonal detection
- It preforms high quality line doubling and high-accuracy motion estimation.It performs pixel-based motion estimation using two-field buffers

Package included:
- AV-VGA Scan Converter
- 1 x Power adapter
- CVBS cable