ORICO 6628SUS3-C 2 Bay 2.5"&3.5" SATA HDD Docking Station+USB3.0/2.0+eSATA-Black

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ORICO 6628SUS3-C 2 Bay 2.5"&3.5" SATA HDD Docking Station+USB3.0/2.0+eSATA-Black
- ORICO 6628SUS3-C 2 Bay 2.5”&3.5” SATA HDD Docking Station+USB3.0/2.0+eSATA
- ORICO 6628 series use high-grade engineering plastic material, and provide white and black two colors for choice. The high-grade engineering plastic is not only solid but also has beautiful shape and fashionable modeling. This product use erect and straight insert design to install HDD, convenient and exquisite, and save desk space efficiently.
- ORICO 6628 series support 2pcs 2.5”&3.5”SATA HDD, support present market maximum single 3TB HDD, and expand 3TB*2=6TB great capacity, support 2pcs HDD mutual clone without connecting computer, and also support intelligent sleep, if no data R/W more than 5minutes/pull out data cable/clone without computer/finish clone etc, it enter into sleep mode, reduce HDD damage and heat, energy saving and environmental.
- At last, ORICO 6628 series equip USB3.0, eSATA, USB2.0 etc various high speed interface(different model with different interface); the newest USB3.0 theoretical maximum transfer rate reach 5Gbps, downward compatible with USB2.0; eSATA theoretical maximum transfer rate reach 3Gbps.
- ORICO 6628 series can be used to connect computer/HTPC/high-definition player etc to enjoy high-definition movies, you also can put it beside the computer to enjoy quick data transfer/backup. ORICO 6628 series has multi functions and super performance, fashionable and beautiful shape. With ORICO consistent workmanship and material, ORICO 6628 series will be your superexcellent choice to expand storage!

- Support 2.5“/3.5“SATA1/2/3 HDD and 2pcs HDD at same time, maximum 3TB*2=6TB
- High-grade engineering plastic, fashionable modeling
- Tool free, change HDD quickly, support hot-swap
- HDD erect and straight insert design, exquisite shape, save desk space
- Support HDD mutual clone without computer, realize HDD data clone/copy when not connect computer
- USB3.0 transfer rate reach 5Gbps, downward compatible with USB2.0/1.1
- eSATA transfer rate reach 3Gbps
- LED indicator for power and HDD status
- intelligent sleep, energy saving and environmental to protect HDD
- 12V2A power supply for sufficient and stable power

- ORICO 6628 series includes three models products. They are same in appearance, specification and functions, all support 2.5”&3.5”SATA HDD, mutual clone without computer and intelligent sleep, the only difference is the interface. ORICO 6628 series model and interface compare as below:

Model Interface
ORICO 6628US3-C USB3.0

- Through the superspeed USB or eSATA interface, you can connect device and HDD to computer more flexibly, no matter 2.5” or 3.5”SATA device are applicable. Tool free straight insert design make HDD install, take out or change conveniently, no need any tool, screw etc accessories to install, just directly insert HDD to the slot to use. It support plug play and hot-swap, very simple and convenient to enlarge your HDD capacity. With power supply to provide separate power for device need, which make you relieve from power supply worry. ORICO can always satisfy your pursuing new, change, and functional using demand. ORICO 6628 series docking station is definitely the best tool for your data storage.
- This product link is ORICO 6628SUS3-C, output interface is USB3.0+eSATA dual high speed interface

USB3.0 is downward compatible with USB2.0(MAC do not support USB3.0 temporarily;USB3.0 device can be used on USB2.0 interface but only USB2.0 speed)
This product belongs to multi HDD product with eSATA interface. If use eSATA interface to connect computer, you computer eSATA interface should support PM function to detect this device and HDD. Usually computer mainboard and laptop have eSATA but not support PM, professional eSATA express card can support PM(PM=Port Multiplier).

Clone Function Introduction:
The product has indications to show HDD1 is source disk, HDD2 is destination disk.
Connect 2pcs SATA HDD, HDD1 is Source disk, HDD2 is Destination disk (Notice: capacity HDD2≥ HDD1)
Connect power supply and turn on
Move the clone button at the back of Docking Station to “ON”, that’s Clone Mode, and move to “OFF” when you don’t need to clone
After everything above is prepared, double click “START” button, front panel indicator change to red light, then it means Clone Mode start
After clone finish, ORICO 6628 buzzer’s three short sounds indicates successful clone, HDD enter into sleep modeautomatically

Attentions in using clone function:
- HDD1 is Source disk, HDD2 is Destination disk; HDD2 capacity should exceed or equal to HDD1.
- When clone, the source disk content will cover destination disk content, destination disk data will be lost completely. Please backup data before operation, and make sure the correct position before operation, to avoid destination disk data lost.
- Destination disk capacity should exceed or equal to source disk, otherwise it can’t start clone.
- Don’t connect USB or eSATA cable to computer when make clone.
- Clone speed mainly depends on your HDD speed, usually the clone speed of SATA2 HDD is between 60~80M/s.
- The clone time depends on your HDD capacity but not source disk data capacity. For example, source disk capacity is 500GB, inside data is 60MB, if clone speed is 60M/s, the time used to clone source disk to destination disk without computer is 500GB/(60M/S) but not 60MB/(60M/S).

Intelligent sleep function description
- In sleep mode, the HDD stop working. This function can reduce HDD damage, power consumption and heat, energy saving and environmental. It’s good for HDD cooling and extends its lifetime.
- When computer in sleep mode more than 5minutes, HDD enter into sleep mode automatically.
- No data R/W in 5minutes, HDD enter into sleep mode automatically.
- No data cable connect in 5minutes, HDD enter into sleep mode automatically.
- Finish clone without computer, HDD enter into sleep mode automatically

Product Name

2bay 2.5”&3.5”SATA HDD docking station

Product Model


Product Material

engineering plastic

Product Dimension

142*122*80 mm

Product Weight

540g(excluding HDD)

Support HDD

2.5“/3.5“ SATA1/2/3 HDD, support 2pcs HDD at same time

Output interface

6628SUS3-C: USB3.0(5Gbps)+e-SATA(3Gbps)

6628SUSC: USB2.0(480Mbps)+e-SATA(3Gbps)

6628US3-C: USB3.0(5Gbps)



Operation system

Windows98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7; Mac10.4 or above; Linux

Safety approval

CE and FCC approval

Operation environment

5º C / 40º C(usage); -20º C / 70º C(storage)

Package Contents
- HDD docking station*1
- Power cable*1
- Power adapter*1
- USB data cable*1
- eSATA data cable*1
- User manual*1
- Notice: excluding HDD

1 Notice Excluding HDD