New Micro Computer CNC Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine DS-200A

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New Micro Computer CNC Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine DS-200A

- This series of automatic filament winder computer controller adopts the latest synchronous winding, it is with high precision and there will be no obstacles appear when in excessive speed winding displacement process
- Super elevated wisdom model, it has self-inspecting functions, including the errors of the equipments, excessive speed tracking and the calibration of the speed
- Has vernier caliper functions and can measure the winding width and starting point easily
- The speed of the cop motor can be changed at random when in operation, and the strand oscillator also can synchronize with it
- After the startup of the cop motor, the time of speed growing can be changed at random depend on the type of the machines
- Obtain winding excessive speed detecting function , and it can reduce the winding speed automatically to the most steady state
- Can settle data: starting point, wire gage, winding displacement width, circles, speed of starting the winding, stopping slow-speed, winding speed, slow lathe speed, winding displacement direction, winding direction, two-terminal stopping, automatic reset, automatic start (job-hopping winding)
- Foot-switch connection for better efficiency
- Winding parameters and options can be set independently for each step
- Memory capacity accommodates 999 steps of parameters with off-power memory retention

- Power voltage: Single phase AC 110V 60HZ
- Cop motor: Three phase machine 400W(1/2hp)
- Winding displacement machine: Step-servo motor
- Spindle motor: Brushless DC
- Numbers of cop: 1
- Windable wire gage: 0.03-1.2mm
- Maximum winding width: 108mm
- Maximum framework diameter: 200mm
- Maximum turning speed of cop: 6000 circles/min, speed adjust function
- Storable winding groups: 999 groups
- Counting resolution: 0.1 circle
- Complete appliance weight: 35kg
- Packing size: 550*480*530mm

New Computer CNC Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine for 0.03-1.2mm wire

The machine not only retains all the features of previous designs, it also has a low noise level and is less sensitive to external power fluctuation. It features an integrated design: putting stepper motor driver, DC motor speed controller, brake and power supplier controlcircuits into one control box, simultaneously achieving size reduction, high performance and low cost.

1.Single chip microprocessor design, has further higher performance and higher functions; it also has less sensitive to external power fluctuation or to external electromagnetic interference.

2.Memory use FLASH ROM, capacity capable storing up to 1000 steps winding data, 9 winding parameters, and 5 options can be independently assigned for each step. Off power memory retention without battery.

3.Winding speed can be specified using the front panel keypad, resulting in easy programming of multi-step, multi-speed settings.

4.Guiding traverse shaft stepper motor with a constant-current driver offering fast wire guiding speeds.

5.Guiding traverse shaft offering 99 steps moving speed selection.

6.Software can be update through the personal computer.

I. Setting procedure (save the position of the products )
1. Turn on, press the reset key
2. Press the Home key, press the number, press Enter; press the Finish key; press the number; press Enter)

For example: If you want to save the product information in the sixth step. The procedures should go as follow: Press the Home key, press 6, press Enter; press the Finish Key; press 6; press Enter. Different products can be saved in different position by using different numbers. When a set product is to be used , you just need to find out the represented number of this product, the numbers are from 1 to 999 for representing different positions of the products.

II. Set the winding parameters of every step
1. Press the setting key of step sequence. press the Enter key (Now the starting point light’s on ) set the starting point, press the ←or→key to adjust.
2. Press Enter (Now the width light’s on ) set the width of winding displacement press the ←or→key to adjust the setting or directly press the numbers.
3. Press the Enter (Now the wire diameter light’s on); set the diameter of the copper wire.
4. Press the Enter(Now the light of total coils number is on); set the number of total coils
5. Press the Enter (Now the start winding slow light’s on ); set the number of starting coils.
6. Press the Enter(Now the ending slow light’s on); set the slow coils.
7. Press the Enter (Now the high speed light’s on); set the revolving speed between 1 to 99. 1 is the slowest and 99 is the fastest.
8. Press the Enter(Now the low velocity light’s on; set the low velocity revolving speed from 5 to 10 )
9. Press the Enter(Now the recede light’s on). There’s no need to set for receding. Just press the Enter, then press Reset, done.

III. Set the winding direction and the winding displacement direction
1. Press the setting key, press the home key, then press the winding direction key and the winding displacement direction key, press the Enter and press the Reset Key.
2. When the light of winding displacement direction is on, the row of pole should be placed from left to right. If the light’s off, then from right to left.
3. The unit of starting point, width and diameter are mm. Decimal point will automatically display. If you want to set the diameter as 0.16m, you should press 160.

Applications:Medium or small transformer, relay, communication coil, ignition coil and other winding products.

Package included:
- 1 x Automatic Coil Winder