New Lathes Tools Mini Quick Change Tool Post Holder for 7 x10 12 14 Toolholder

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New Lathes Tools Mini Quick Change Tool Post Holder for 7 x10 12 14 Toolholder

- Quick change Tool Post is the main accessory of engine lathe, consists of a Tool Post and the holder of several composition, workpiece as required, select the appropriate toolholder.
- The car can be cylindrical, grooving, cutting, knurling, drilling reaming, drilling, reaming and other processing. It implements the external machine loaded knife, the holder is mounted on the tool holder through dovetail.
- Tool change rapid, high positioning accuracy, high rigidity and other characteristics, is an alternative to the traditional square tool holder, the ideal product for fast turning.
- Material: High quality aluminum

Package included:
1x Tool Post
1x 3/8" boring holder
1x 1/2" capacity cut-off blade holder
2x 1/4-3/8" turning & facing holders
2x Mounting bolts (M8 & M10)

1. The use of multiple toolholders form an artificial tool magazine, can repeat replace toolholder.
2. Using the dial, each tool holder can be rotated multiple angle of 9 ° or 9 °, operations with extension units, can be processed various angles workpiece.
3. Toolholder for the adjusting screw nut and tool, adjust installation height , easy to operate, shortening the time loaded knife.
4. Each changing tools only takes a few seconds.
5. Replace the tool holder high positioning accuracy, reset accuracy within 0.01mm range, the surface quality of machined parts, precision improved.
6. The Tool Post, high stability processing.

Packaging included:
1 Set of Mini Quick Change Tool Post Holder Kit