New 5"x5" HFS Digital Heat Press Machine Single Heater

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New 5"x5" HFS Digital Heat Press Machine Single Heater

The HFS Digital Clamshell heat press machine easily transfers photos and text onto cotton, ceramics, glass, or any other flat material suited for sublimation transfers. The unit includes a digital thermometer (in Fahrenheit or Celsius) allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your transfer. Though it could be used for personal use, this machine can capably work through large amounts of material in a production environment as well. The digital timer automatically starts counting when the clamp is pressed shut and provides an audible alarm at the time you set it to. The machine is easy to operate with a padded open/close handle and built-in adjustable pressure knob.

Clamshell - Space saving design offers working room while safely keeping hands away from heating element.
Large Plate - 9"x12" non-stick heating plate and element offer a large surface area for large transfers and presses
Digital Timer - Automatically starts counting when press is closed, audible tone when your set time is complete
Digital Temp Control - Set your desired temperature exactly and accurately.
Pressure Adjustment Knob - Adjust the pressure according to the thickness of your material. Full range of motion
Spring Balanced - The entire clamshell is mounted on springs which reduce fatigue of lifting and lowering.
Elevated Plate - The lower plate is elevated, allowing easy placement of shirts and other items for perfect placement. The thick aluminum board also features a removable silicone pad.


- Max Temp: 0-250 degree
- Product size: 12*12cm
- Volts: 110V or 220V
- Weight: 15kg

Package Included:

- 1 x digital heat press