Multi-function Perfessional AKS 1000M Long Range Underground Gold Metal Diamond Detector+Case

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Multi-function Perfessional AKS 1000M Long Range Underground Gold Metal Diamond Detector+Case

- AKS2016 is a higher performance scanning detector of gold and metals. Detector sensitivity and stability which is the highest level of similar products. In addition to these features, this product the other most prominent feature is to identify the type of metal, so you can easily find your useful metal items, which other types of similar products do not have functions. With which the detector, you can go to more places to start treasurehunting activities, search for gold, silver, copper, precious stones.

- AKS2016 is the field of Archaeology and the perfect combination of scientific theory. It has highquality remote search system and precise positioning of the detection system to break through the conventional detection method, the use of the chip micro-processor control unit electrical calibration, the instrument selftest system that can quickly and easily scan, detect, greatly increasing exploration Po lovers efficiency and reduce labor intensity of the probe, is the most advanced, practical and economical metal detection equipment.

- Search System: microcomputer control and reflective conductive processor
- Range: Gold, Silver, Copper,Diamond
- Search: 1000 meters
- Depth: 20 meters
- Energy: 12V 2000mAh
- Transmission frequency :5600.00 - 6000.00Hz
- Signal frequency :360.00 - 440.00Hz
- Detection Type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones,etc.
- Charging Method: This equipment has been installed rechargeable battery, direct access to the charger, to charge the battery, charging time 10 - 12 hours.
- Language:English,Chinese,Español,Português,Deutsch,Français,Italiano,Русский, اللغة العربية
- Super Chip:Updated VersionMicrochip processor
- Alarm Mode:The "drip-drip" ringing sound of a bell & vibration
- DVD:The most professional operation video,easy to see,easy to operate,Quickly search target.
- Net Weight: 2.6KG
- Gross Weight:3.0kgs
- Packing Size:41.5x37x275px(This is Express Company to need above.)
- The following technical indications are medial values. During operation small variations are quite possible.
- Dimensions (L x W x H: 350 x 250 x 100 mm
- Weight: 3 kg
- Direction: 360°Autorotation
- Voltage: 12 Volt
- Operating time (full charged battery): 4-6 hours
- Operating temperature: -20°C – 60°C
- Feedback: Automatic tracking

Package included:
- 1x TransceiverUnit Control Main Machine
- 1x Belt Controller
- 1x Charger
- 1x DVD Disk
- 1x Manual
- 1x Aluminum Carrying Case