Morse Code Beginner II CW Key Practicer Keyer Trainer Ham Radio HF UV

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Morse Code Beginner II CW Key Practicer Keyer Trainer Ham Radio HF UV


1.MORSE CODE BEGINNER II Exercise supports automatic and manual key learning key, you can also use automatic key analog BUG keys
2.Wide operating voltage range. Supports headphones, headphone volume is adjustable.
3.You can choose whether to connect radio sound off the rear to accommodate a variety of radio stations.
4.Automatic key support operation, struck alternately hair, the last point designated memory function.
5.Practice and test mode can be copied to listen and send code training, sequential and random choice of two modes.
6.Your HF and UV radio can be the perfect connection for easy self-testing exercises and practical.
7.If you add an external audio PLL circuit increases, can decode CW.
8.Power: DC7V ~ 28V positive with negative polarity reverse the machine does not work. Power must not exceed the maximum voltage 30V, We recommend using a standard DC12V voltage supply.
9.Keyboard: Standard PS / 2 keyboard it send code used in NOR mode.
10.Radio: single passage 3.5mm plug. When using dual-channel interface must be part of the middle ground. Please use the HF radio station key option is set to manual key, the use of UV station, refer to Figure 2 connection and set practice-related options, the same connection with HF equipment is omitted.
11.Hand Key: 3.5mm plug, automatic key using a dual-channel plug, manual key to use mono plugs. If using a dual-channel connector manually set the key intermediate portion of floating or grounded.
12.Headphones: 3.5mm stereo plug, such as using a mono headset may not be automatically muted

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- 1 X Morse Code Beginner II Trainer