Mini Wireless Anti Lost Alarm Guarder Device-Pink

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Mini Wireless Anti Lost Alarm Guarder Device-Pink

- Wear the transmitter (smaller one) on the child or the protege, and wear the receiver on the parent or the owner. Set a distance by the wheel, when the child leaves the parent more than the set distance, the receiver will sound alarm and vibrate to remind the owner
- Use this product on your luggage, purse, cell phone, pet and even your children, you may enjoy the safety and easement feeling

- Transmitter Size(mm): 34(H)x29(W)x10(D)
- Transmitter Weigh(g): 8.5
- Transmitter Battery:CR2032X1(include)
- Receiver Size(mm):52(H)x40(W)x15(D)
- Receiver Weigh(g):23.5
- Receiver Battery:CR2032X1(not included)
- Color: pink
- Packing Size(mm):145(L)x100(W)x28(H)

Transmitter Size(mm) 34(H)x29(W)x10(D)
Transmitter Weigh(g) 8.5
Transmitter battery CR2032X1(include)
Receiver battery CR2032X1(not included)
Color Pink