Magical-I Laptop Notebook Cooling Station Stand Cooler Black

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Magical-I Laptop Notebook Cooling Station Stand Cooler

Magical-I Laptop Computer Stand is simple designed,it raises the latop computer so that transfer of operating heat from laptop will be sped up.The 6-degrees angle between computer bottom and desk which is natural and ergonomic improves your neck comport .Weighing only 20g makes it portable and convenient to be used at home,in the office or during traveling.

- Does not require any electric power ,environmenttal friendly and econimical
- Ergonomic design raising the laptop 6 degrees naturally,improve your neck and shoulder comfort
- Steady and tightweight make it avialable to be used everywhere

- Product material: aluminum alloy Φ5mm
- Skidproof material: PE
- Weight: 20g
- Load-bearing:20kg
- Dimensions: 136mm(H)x61mm(W)
- Color: Black (Silvery optional)

Product Material Aluminum alloy F5mm
Weight 20g
Weight G
Dimensions 136mm(H)x61mm(W)
Color Black (Silvery optional)