IFLYTEK Intelligent 5 Language Translation Mini Electronic Translator Talking

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IFLYTEK Intelligent 5 Language Translation Mini Electronic Translator Talking


1. 2200mAh battery for 4-5 hours using.
2.English to Chinese/Chinese to English precise translation.and also support Chinese,English,Spanish,French,Japanese,Korean
3.Intelligent 5 languages can be recognized, then translated into any language as you needed.
4.MT6737V/CM CPU support stable working speed.
5.DDR3 64Gb + 8Gb storage allow users to contain previous translation or repeat again.
6.Widely support global LTE bands which can support the device can be used in different countries.
7.AW8736 speakers can allow clear and good quality voice level to be understood.
8.Micro SIM card slot, TF card slot, 5pin USB port for charging.
9.Pocket size can be took to anywhere when going out.

1.Simultaneous Interpreting between 5 languages by correct and precise translation.
2.Two users can be used at same time during conference.
3.APP can support bluetooth connection between phone and translator, translator can connect wifi to get device work.
4.SOS button for connection to emergency call.
5.Intelligent recognition button can suporot auto translationfrom different languaged into English.
6.Manual calling button in the center can support manual translation if there are some problems of device.
7. Support Language study by voice talking alone.

Package Included:
- 1 x Electronic Translator