Household Vacuum Packaging Machine (DZ-280/2SD)

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Household Vacuum Packaging Machine (DZ-280/2SD)

DZ-280/2SD small multi-functional vacuum packaging machine is the latest patented technology electrical products. It has superior vacuum capabilities to carry out sealing of various plastic bags. It has a high degree of automation with digital control automatic heat sealing time and overheating protection alarm time.

Functioins: Save power, small size, light weight, wide use, easy to operate. It can pack plastic bags in general, composite food bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags can also be made.

It can preserve the good or food which have to take a long time, such as: Medical supplies, electronic components, audio-visual products, cameras, woolen clothes, silver jewelry, antique calligraphy and painting, grain, tea, raw and cooked meat and other goods.

By vacuum Packaging can play an effective preservation, durability, moisture, mildew, rust-proof, pollution prevention, Anti-oxidation and the role of vacuum sterilization, thereby extending the shelf life.


Model DZ-280/2SD
Ultimate vacuum 0.035Mpa
Width of heat sealing 40 -280mm
220VAC 50HZ
time of sealing
number settings, Automatic Control
dimension (mm)
350 × 140 × 70
weight (kg)
number of a case 6 pieces
weight of box(kg)
box size( cbm )
box dimension(cm )
39 × 32.40 × 37.50