High End 750ml Multi Purpose Sonic Wave Digital Ultrasonic Jewellery Watch CD Cleaner

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High End 750ml Multi Purpose Sonic Wave Digital Ultrasonic Jewellery Watch CD Cleaner

- This product comes with a 221 x 170 x 130mm cubic shape with 1.055 kg in weight, ensuring portability wherever you needed it, either at home or for professional use. This device will come in handy at professional places that need hygiene guarantee, such as hospitals, laboratories, glasses shops, beauty salons and many others. The control panel comes with large digital time display and 5 digital settings, making it easier for you to adjust cleaning time to suit your needs. Featuring a stainless-steel 750mL tank, it is big enough for many kinds of items: dentures, feeding bottles and nipples, various kinds of disks, even golf clubs. Simply said, this device can clean basically anything that requires water cleaning.
- While ensuring security in terms of hygiene, this handy device also offers security in terms of application. As the cleaner requires water to start cleaning, it ensures that its power comes from a built-in isolated-circuit design to avoid electrocution. The power circuit is also quiet and solid-state; you can do other activities undisturbed while waiting for it to done cleaning.
- As it is named, Ultrasonic Cleaner is complemented with advanced ultrasonic technology converted by a powerful transducer. It generates many tiny bubbles which are constantly imploded to impact the surface of the item that needs cleaning. The implosion will cause dirt to split into granules and this separates them from your item surface! However, you can leave this device to do all the complicated, meticulous cleaning work. To start it on, just fill in the tank with tap water, then put the item that needs cleaning. Now, you just have to adjust the cleaning time and wait for it to turn shiny like brand new! For easy cleaning, the Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with a cleaning basket, a watch holder, and a disk holder to be used according to your item.

- High power transducer
- Large tank capacity
- Isolated-circuit design
- Remove dirt effectively, results can be seen with bare eyes
- Quiet, solid state circuitry
- Able to clean many kinds of items


- Name: Ultrasonic Cleaner
- Item number: CE-5700A
- Tank size: 150 x 130 x 50mm
- Tank capacity: 750ml
- Tank material: Stainless steel SUS304
- Power supply: AC 100-120 V; AC 220-240 V
- Ultrasonic power: 50W
- Timer setting: 5 Cycles (180s-280s-380s-480s-90s), digital time display
- Ultrasonic frequency: 42KHz

Package Included:
- 1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner
- 1 x Cleaning Basket
- 1 x Watch Holder
- 1 x Disk Holder
- 1 x Manual