GK9-890 Portable Electric Bag Stitching Sack Closer Seal Sewing Machine Yellow

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GK9-890 Portable Electric Bag Stitching Sack Closer Seal Sewing Machine Yellow

The machine comes pre-threaded, which provides you with a ready to use tool. At an unbeatable price, this compact and robust machine is ideal for quick repairs, small project and beginners, with quick, efficient and breezy needlework.

The machine is the patent product innovative design, with the advantages of fast speed, good reliability,our machines completely change many mechanical flaws of old model one such as the poor motion stability, easy to wear, noise. And more, due to the good insulation performance,compact and reasonable structure, our machines can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers.

What's more, the pressing force of the sealing machine is adjustable.You can adjust the pressing force according to the material to be sealed, which can improve the work efficiency and prolong the service life of the parts. Finally, you can enjoy the function of the automatic shear line.In other word,there is no need for you to manually cut lines during operation.

- High strength, good toughness, strong resistance to pressure, the panel is not easy to deformation
- With good resistance to pressure, convenient body
- Handle grinding processing, increase the grip, not easy to fall

- Name:Portable Electric Sewing Machine
- Material: metal
- Application industry: chemical industry, clothing, chemical, home textile, machinery, etc.
- Thread:2 x 3 ply vinylon yarn of 21-count
- Sewing speed:1800-2600 needle / min
- Rotating speed:18000-22000 r/m
- Maximum thickness: 4mm
- Voltage:220V or 110V
- Output power: 190W
- Color:yellow
- Size:approx. 26x25.5x19cm

Package Included:

- 1x portable electric sewing machine
- 1x synchronous belt
- 1 x Handle
- 1 x Pack of needle
- 3 x
hexagon handle