Flexible Arm Pneumatic Air Tapping Machine Multi-direction Tapping M3-M12 ISO

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Flexible Arm Pneumatic Air Tapping Machine Multi-direction Tapping M3-M12 ISO

This pneumatic tapping machine is applicable to all machinery manufacturing industry, machine tools, automobile and motorcycle parts,aircraft engines, tooling, plastic, printing, packaging, engineering and other general purpose machinery industries.The tapping range is M3 to M12. This is an effective pneumatic tapping machine with easy operation and low work intensity. No fixture or clamp is needed when heavy workpiece is applied.


- Driven by compressed air, provides safe, rapid and efficient work.
- Super torsion with less air flow pressure and smaller air volume (6-8kg/cm²)
- Able to tap on varies materials including sundry steel, iron, copper, wood, aluminum and plastic.
- Overload protected collet chuck produces high precision threads while less screw tap damages.
- Handy and easy operation, no pursuit of experience or much effort.
- Much less manufacturing cost compared with applying CNC machining center, milling machine with tapping machine or manual tapping.
- Extra large working radius of 1000mm, no moving or fixing is needed when tapping heavy workpieces.
- Rapid positioning and cutting velocity increases working efficiency for fast cost-recovering.
- Tapping without break with both through-holes and blind-holes.
- ISO standard tap collets ranging from M3 to M12 for larger processing range.
- Able to tap both vertically and horizontally, ensuring high precision at the same time.


- Motor diameter: 38mm
- motor speed: 400RPM
- Working area: Radius 100-1000mm
- Tapping range: M3 to M12
- Spindle working type: Vertical
- Atmospheric pressure: 6-8kg/cm²
- Gross Weight: 20kg

Package Included:
- 1 XTapping Machine (worktable not included)
- 6 X Tap Collets: M3, M4, M5, (M6), M8, M10, M12
- 1 X User Manual

Working area Radius 100-1000mm
Tapping range M3 to M12
Atmospheric pressure 6-8kg/cm²