ELM327 USB Vehicle OBD-2 Scanner Tool

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ELM327 USB Vehicle OBD-2 Scanner Tool

- ELM327 USB is the latest PC-based scan tool.
- It supports all OBD-II protocols and is dispatched with a number of compatible programs.
- The output protocol (connection to laptop) is USB
- OBD-II Protocols:
- ISO15765-4 (CAN)
- ISO14230-4 (KWP2000)
- ISO9141-2
- J1850 VPW
- J1850 PWM
- Output protocol: RS232
- Baud rate: 9600 or 38400
- Indicator LEDs: OBD Tx/Rx, RS232 Tx/Rx, Power
- Operating voltage: 12V, internal protection from short circuits/over-voltages
- Nominal idle current: 45 mA

- OBD-II Software for ELM327 USB is a free program that allows you to use your PC and a hardware interface to get the information from your car's computer
- The program is very user-friendly, and easy to learn
- It is also very easy to install: simply extract the files into a folder on your computer's hard drive, and you're ready to go
- To uninstall the program, simply delete the entire contents of the folder where the program resides
- The software supports two platforms - DOS and Windows
- The program lets you perform the following operations:
- Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database)
- Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)
- Display current sensor data, including:
- Engine RPM
- Calculated Load Value
- Coolant Temperature
- Fuel System Status
- Vehicle Speed
- Short Term Fuel Trim
- Long Term Fuel Trim
- Intake Manifold Pressure
- Timing Advance
- Intake Air Temperature
- Air Flow Rate
- Absolute Throttle Position
- Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
- Fuel System status
- Fuel Pressure
- Many others
- Upcoming Features:
- Data graphing and logging
- Freeze Frame data
- Continuous and Non-Continuous Oxygen Sensor test results
- Free software: Scantool.net
- GM Mode 22 Scan Tool by Terry
- OBD Gauge for PalmOS and Pocket PC by Dana Peters
- OBD Logger by Jonathan Senkerik
- OBD-II ScanMaster by Wladimir Gurskij (ScanMaster 3.52 - local copy)
- obd2crazy.com
- OBD2 Scantool by Ivan Andrewjeski
- OBDII for ELM322 by David Huffman
- pyOBD by Donour Sizemore for MacOSX and Linux
- RDDTC by Pete Calinski
- Real Scan by Brent Harris
- ScanTest for Pocket PC by Ivan Ganev aka a-ser
- wOBD by WDT
- Packed with 1*driver CD, 1*USB cable , 1*RS232 to OBD cable
- ELM327 USB Vehicle OBD-2 Scanner Tool
- Dimensions: 3.19 in x 2.8 in x 1.02 in
- Weight: 9.88 oz

Baud rate 9600 or 38400
Indicator LEDs OBD Tx/Rx, RS232 Tx/Rx, Power
operating voltage 12V, internal protection from short circuits/over-voltages
Nominal idle current 45 mA Description:
Weight 9.88 oz