E-nail Temperature Control Titanium Barrel Electronic 1000? Enail

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E-nail Temperature Control Titanium Barrel Electronic 1000℉ Enail

This is not your generic made E-nail (D-nail), this is a high quality kit that is as good if not better than other similar products. Put the torch away, buy the real quality E-nail (D-nail) kit! Once you have this brilliant kit, you will never need that torch lighter again.

Heats up fast, up to 1000℉. Generally, the normal working temperature is suggested to be controlled at about 710℉ (±20℉). Setting the machine temperature to proper range will lengthen the service life of your machine. Please do not set the temperature too high, which might cause your machine to breakdown rather fast.


- Fast heating up to 1000℉
- Comes in a complete set
- Auto system tuning
- Memory of last set temperature
- Digital control
- Aluminum alloy case


- Voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz
- Power: 100W
- Nail Size: 16mm / 0.63"
- Heating Coil Length: 1.25m / 49.21"
- Heating Coil Inner Diameter: 16mm / 0.63"
- Environment Temperature: -5~42℃ / 23~107.6℉
- Max. Temperature: 1000℉
- Suggested Temperature: 710℉ (±20℉)
- Aluminum Case Dimension: 256 x 168 x 104mm / 10.1" x 6.6" x 4.1"

Use Instructions

1. Plug in power cord and coil cord into unit.
2. Once unit has been plugged into a power socket, press the power button to power the unit on. Only power on the unit when the coil is attached to the provided nail securely.
3. Unit is set to automatically reach the desired “low temp” of 710 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. Press & hold the “Up/Down” button and side arrows to select your own desired temperature (100-999 Fahrenheit).
5. Power off the unit when not in use.

Package Included:

- 1 X E-Nail (D-Nail) Main Control Box
- 1 X 1.25m Heating Coil
- 1 X Titanium Nail Set
- 1 X Power Cord
- 2 X Silicone Containers
- 1 X Aluminum Alloy Case
- 1 X manual

Nail Size 16mm / 0.63"
Heating Coil Length 1.25m / 49.21"
Max. Temperature 1000?
Suggested Temperature 710? (±20?)