DC50E-1250T 2 Phase 12V 5L/H 820M Brushless Motor DC Solar Water Pump

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DC50E-1250T 2 Phase 12V 5L/H 820M Brushless Motor DC Solar Water Pump


- Small size, high efficiency, low consumption, strong anti-jamming ability, stable performance
- Brushless with no pollution, adopts high-performance ceramics shaft and high-precision carbon fiber sleeve together, long life span
- Stator and control circuits are completely sealed by epoxy resin and completely separated with rotor, waterproof, avoided water-leakage problem
- Wide range of working voltage
- Parameters can be adjustable, e.g. 12VDC pump can have lift of 1m and lift of 3m with the same pump body.


- Dimension and weight: 97.5mmx88.2mmx60.5mm; 480g
- External diameter of outlet: 1/2" threaded(M20)
- External diameter of inlet: 1/2" threaded(M20)
- Driving mechanism: Brushless, magnetic separation
- Condition of use: Can continuously work, submersible or land use (not self-priming)
- Suitable medium: Water, oil, or normal acid/ alkaline liquids
- Noise class: IP68(suitable for submersible installation)
- Waterproof class: Can be more than 30,000hrs
- Life span: Can be suitable solar panel, batteries, source adapter or other power module

Electrical Parameters:
- Voltage: 12V DC
- Max.load current: 1.9A
- Max.flow rate: 5.00L/H
- Max.static lift: 820M
- Power consumption: 22.8W
- Max working temperature: 60℃