CURTIS PMC 1219-8406 36-48V 600A EV DC Series Motor Controller HELI DQKC-025

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CURTIS PMC 1219-8406 36-48V 600A EV DC Series Motor Controller HELI DQKC-025

Curtis 1219-8406 programmable motor speed controllers provide efficient, cost-effective, and simple-to-install control for a variety of large industrial vehicles. Typical applications include walkie/rider pallet trucks, forklifts, stackers, reach trucks, and other industrial trucks. The 1207-based microprocessor logic section combined with a Curtis MOSFET power section gives the 1219-8406 controller high power and advanced features in a rugged, compact package. The CURTIS programmers Curtis Model 1313-4331 Handhold Programmer or 1314-4402 PC Programming Station enables the user to set parameters, conduct tests, and obtain diagnostic information quickly and easily.

Curtis Model: 1219-8406 (HELI Forklift Controller Model: DQKC-025 or EVC-019)

Norminal Battery Voltage (Volts): 36-48V (wide working voltage)

The buyer should confirm with the seller the battery system voltage, current rate and the throttle type (0-5kΩ, 5k-0Ω or 0 – 5V).

For the buyer without CONTROLLER APPLYING EXPERIENCE, please consult your cart/motor dealer and read carefully the CURTIS 1219 Controller Manual before making your purchase.

- Compact size.
- Environmental protection provided by a sealed package.
- Advanced high frequency power section utilizing custom power MOSFETs provides high efficiency, silent operation and reduced motor and battery losses.
- Power connections made by solid copper busses with polarized Molex connector for control signals.
- Thermal protection and compensation circuitry provide under temperature cutback, constant current limit over the operating range and linear rollback in over temperature. No sudden loss of power under any thermal conditions.
- Over voltage and under voltage protection.
- Fully compatible with 1313, 1314, and 1307 Programmers for full parametric adjustment, tuning, test and diagnostics.
- Complete diagnostics of the controller can also be accomplished with the built-in status LED.
- Meets or exceeds EEC fault detection requirements with circuitry and software to detect faults in the throttle circuit, MOSFET drive circuits, MOSFET transistors, contactor drivers and contactors.
- Input sequencing options include neutral start (HPD) and static return to off (SRO).
- True arcless contactor switching with microprocessor controlled contactor sequencing.
- Throttle position variable or fixed plugging current options.
- Neutral braking option provides for automatic plug braking in neutral.
- MultiMode™ option for programmable two mode (current limit, speed, acceleration) operation.
- Emergency reverse function (belly button) provides full function with a single input. Additional output provides for
- an emergency reverse circuit continuity check.
- Anti-rollback (ramp start) function gives full power for starting on ramps.
- Simple contactor and switch wiring. Coil drivers are monitored for short and open circuit for fail-safe operation.
- Flexible throttle circuitry accepts a variety of throttle types including: 5k-0, 0-5k, 0-5v, 0-10v and three wire potentiometer.

Dimensions (L×W×H): 309 × 180 × 82 mm
PWM operating frequency: 15 kHz
Electrical isolation to heatsink: 500 VAC (minimum)
Contactor voltage = battery voltage
Contactor current (maximum): 1 amp [current limit at 2 amps]
Contactor coil spike protection: internal diode to brake; internal diode from brake to KSI
KSI input voltage: 16–45 V
KSI input current (typical): 80 mA without programmer; 130 mA with programmer
Logic input current (typical): 10 mA at 24 V
Logic input threshold: 8 V
Ambient operating temperature range: -40°C to 50°C
Heatsink overtemperature cutback: 85°C
Heatsink undertemperature cutback: -25°C