CT520D Plasma Cutter Welding Machine 50 A /200 A TIG ARC MMA Inverter Welder

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CT520D Plasma Cutter Welding Machine 50 A /200 A TIG ARC MMA Inverter Welder

The Prime Weld CT520D multipurpose 3 in 1 unit offers a variety of multiple welding and cutting functions. It is able to cut various types of metal up to 1/2’’ with the 50A plasma cutting function. In addition, this unit can switch between DC TIG Welder and DC STICK Welder quickly and easily. With a hand carrying weight at 32lbs, this unit is portable and reliable featuring a duty cycle of 60% at max amps on all processes.

CT520D is of three functions: TIG, MMA and CUTTING. During the operation of MMA welding or TIG welding, this welding & cutting equipment is featured with the stability of output. The stability of welding current output is not frustrated by variation of arc length. During the plasma cutting operation, being compressed by high pressure of compressed air, the arc, of which the temperature rises rapidly up to 10000-15000℃, is of highly ionized status, as a consequent, it produces the powerful plasma arc for cutting. By employing plasma cutting, it is energy saving and efficient. The high speed of metal cutting and smooth incised surface are accessible.

This industrial grade welder can be widely used in welding and cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and other nonferrous metals. It's portable, efficient, energy-saving and stable, and the exchange cycle of the assembled machinery can be as high as 85% .

- 50-amp air plasma cutter
- 200-amp DC TIG welder and DC Stick welder (High Frequency Start)
- Automatic dual voltage / dual frequency (110/220-volt 50/60Hz)
- Suitable for cutting and welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium(cut only), and other metal materials
- Flexible TIG torch comes with long and short back caps for welding in tight places
- Machine is equipped with a large cooling fan and is thermostatically protected for a longer life span
- Strong and very reliable - ready for Industrial/Commercial and any other application
- Equipped with an advanced inverter technology and high cutting frequency V-MOSFET from TOSHIBA/FUJI.
- Certification: CE, CCC, CSA and ISO-9001 certification
- Four knobs on front of machine:
Pre-flow time: to adjust the time for air/gas blow out of torch before welding
Current: for welding/cutting current
Down slope: would help to weld stainless steel
Post gas/air time: to adjust the time for air/gas blow out of torch after welding


Package Included:
- 1 x Earth Clamp
- 1 x Holder
- 1 x Cutting torch
- 1 x Tig torch