Bulb Holder And Remote Control for Remote Control Light KK-908

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Bulb Holder And Remote Control for Remote Control Light KK-908

- Model :KK-908
- Color: White
- Weight(g):95/123
- Remote Control Battery:1*AAA(not include)
- Bulb Holder Size(mm):57(L) x 49(W) x 75(H)
- Remote Control Size(mm):102(L) x 31(W) x17(H)
- Packing Size(mm):181(L) x 125(W)

- Put the snail mouth bulb or ordinary energy-saving lamps (user match) into the holder
- Receiver plug into the 220V AC power socket
- Open the emitter,the cells require A battery case according to the polarity (A type of product use 1 day 7 common battery,user match)
- Press the light emitter button.to electric lights remote control can be realized ATTENTION:
- Use inferior energy-saving lamps may produce remote control and can't control light the amp,then can change below 40W regular bulbs to have a try

Products characteristics:
- No sound without direction launch can lie between several wall to the remote control.The remote distance:A type no less than 8 moters.B type less than 50 meters
- Accept sensitive and reliable strong anti-interference ability control number can be up to 100000 times more.
- Using the digital code technology,each product has a certain coding,So it won't cause mutual control phenomenon when the neighbors used at the same time.
- Use 220 AC power,and Long-term electricity use
- Because the light bulb and receiver together,the light bulb light at the high temperature can produce effect of the receiver electronic components,so the light bubl power sould be in below 40W

Model KK-908