APT-X Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board Wireless Stereo 12V BRB3 AA-AB41136

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APT-X Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board Wireless Stereo 12V BRB3 AA-AB41136

Welcome to use this self-made Bluetooth Audio Receiver Starter Ver4.0. This receiver could work well together with Bluetooth adapter in your Laptop or Desktop computer, or mobile phones with Bluetooth audio stream output support. It supports Bluetooth V4.0+EDR, and support A2DP protocol, it has a built in 3.5mm audio jack for audio output. You may also use the back panel 4pin connector to get another audio output channel. The distance from this unit and the Bluetooth transmitter could be up to 10meters but please notice that it may vary much based on the environment.

It can be connected with a Bluetooth adapter or a mobile phone with Bluetooth. The output terminal can be connected with a headphone or a power amplifier to transmit wirelessly. The maximum transmission distance is 10m.

Resistance and capacity components of high quality, including X7R ceramic capacitors and lower ESR electrolytic capacitors, are used to gain the perfect timber, finally realize high S/N ratio, low THD+N, wide frequency response range etc.

The Bluetooth audio receiver board contains anti-reverse function. The parts of analog and digital audio are powered by 2 independent chips, which mostly eradicate the RF and digital signal interference with the audio.

- A perfect Bluetooth audio receiver Board
- It supports APT-X decoding algorithm, which expand the Bluetooth frequency range from 16-20 KHz. -
- Single-end audio signal output
- LED status indicator
- External power and signal output connector
- Anti-reverse function
- Several wiring methods facilitate connection:3.5mm Socket (Default), RCA Socket (Optional)

- Supporting APT-X, with low latency, good fault tolerance, higher quality, wide frequency response range, etc
- Excellent heat dissipation eliminates the requirement of an extra heat sink.
- Audio output distortion degree of 0.5% or less
- Analog and digital supply power independently, minimize interference.

- Desktop Wireless Music Receiver
- Wireless audio source for amplifiers
- Wireless headphone driver (HP amp needed to use with some headphones)

- Compression ratio: 4:1 (aptX Live is 8:1, SBC is 3:1 to 6:1)
- Word Depth: support 16bit, 24bit audio
- Codec delay: Sampling frequency 48kHZ <2ms; (SBC is 2.5ms + buffer time, the average time of

170 ms + buffer time)
- Dynamic range (loudness): 16bit > 92dB, 24bit > 120dB (SBC 16bit is 70dB to 75dB)
- Data rates: 352kbps (SBC is 320kbps)
- Frequency response range: 20Hz-22kHz (SBC is 20Hz-17kHz)
- Up to 48kHz sampling frequency (8,16,24,32,44.1,48 kHz)
- Good fault-tolerance (BER <1:10,000 for the perfect reproduction)
- The complete AUTOSYNC™ codec synchronization scheme, and theresynchronization time <3ms
- Low power consumption







Supply Voltage



Distortion degree


Static working current




Operating Temperature





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Thermal Shutdown





Package included:
- APT-X Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Board x 1