Altera Cyclone IV FPGA Learning Board EP4CE6E22C8N and USB Blaster Programmer

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Altera Cyclone IV FPGA Learning Board EP4CE6E22C8N and USB Blaster Programmer

The easyFPGA-Cyclone-IV development board provides a complete hardware environment for designers to accelerate their time to market.The kit delivers a stable platform to develop and test designs targeted to the low-cost and low-power Altera Cyclone IV FPGA. The installed Cyclone IV device offers a prototyping environment to effectively demonstrate the enhanced benefits of low-cost Altera FPGA solutions. Reference designs are included with the kit to exercise standard peripherals on the evaluation board for a quick start to device familiarization.

- FPGA : Altera Cyclone IV FPGA EP4CE6E22C8N
- JTAG Port : On-board JTAG Port for programming
- SDRAM :One 64Mbit Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM memory chip
- Flash:32Mbit NOR Flash memory ,Support Byte (8-bits)/Word (16-bits) mode
- Series Flash: EPCS4 4Mbit
- PS2 Port :Provides the PS2 port for Mouse and Keyboard
- Pushbutton switches :4 User Keys- Normally high; generates one active-low pulse when the switch is pressed
- Infrared Receiver :Communicate with a Remoter for wireless control
-General User Interfaces :4 User LEDs (Active low) - 4 digit 7-segment displays (Active high) Active Type Buzzer
- System Clock inputs :48MHz oscillator
- VGA output :Uses a 8-bit resistor-network DAC under RGB565 Mode With 15-pin high-density D-sub connector
- AD Circuit and SMA input : Use an AD chip Use a SMA port for AD signal input
- Voltage Regulator Circuit :Provides 1.2V,2.5V and 3.3V for system power supply
- Jumper:Selection for External or on-board AD signal source.
- On-board USB to TTL/RS232 Module : Use PL2303 for USB-TTL/RS232 Converting (Without DB-9 serial connector)
- 26-PIN Expansion Headers : Altera Cyclone IV I/O pins, as well as 3 power and ground lines, are brought out to the 26-pin expansion connectors

Altera FPGA CPLD USB Blaster programmer:
- Fully compatible with original Altera USB-Blaster.
- Supported target voltage : 2.0V-5.5V
- Support all ALTERA deveice.
- CPLD:MAX 3000A、MAX 7000A、MAX 7000B、MAX 7000S、MAX 9000、MAX 9000A and MAX II.
- FPGA:Stratix、Stratix II、Stratix GX、Cyclone、Cyclone II、Cyclone III、ACEX 1K、APEX II、APEX 20K、APEX 20KE、APEX 20KC、FLEX 10K、FLEX 10KE、FLEX 10KA、FLEX 6000、FLEX 8000、EPCS1、EPCS4、EPCS16、EPCS64EPC1、EPC4、EPC8、EPC16
- Support:JTAG, AS, PS Mode.
- Support NiosII embeded core based debug,;
- Supports Quartus II SignalTap® II Logic Analyzer (for logic analysis)
- High performance, 6 times faster than ByteBlasterII !!
- USB interface with status and Power LED.

Package Included:
- 1 x FPGA EP4CE6E22C8N board
- 1 x USB Blaster Programmer with Cable
- 1 x Remote controller
- 1 x USB Cable