Ahiro-002A 3D Printing Pen 3D Painting Drawing Pen Printer White

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Ahiro-002A 3D Printing Pen 3D Painting Drawing Pen Printer White


The lightweight design
The 3D paint pen shell and internal structure of the mold making, enhance appearance while also reducing the weight of the product;
The human body engineering design
We launched the product, whether from the appearance, weight, volume, size, design, the maximum extent possible for users to consider. Meet the children, students, adults use demand. The pen body part has made the detailed design;
The design temperature
Temperature display and adjustable, can adjust the temperature according to different materials, to achieve the most ideal effect;
Supporting platform
Tail design level of support, when not in use can be placed flat on a level surface, to avoid falling damage.

Function introduction:

1, 3D drawing functions

This product can be three-dimensional shape of object rendering 3D direction.
2, The safety voltage
This product adopts DC12V safe voltage, and does not cause the safety use of time wire aging on the human body, please rest assured that the use of.
3, The temperature display function
When the product is energized, the heating temperature of the tail part of the pen body the display will show.
4, The nozzle diameter
This product adopts the high quality brass nozzle 1mm, three-dimensional shape of line drawing of 1mm thickness.
5, Automatic heating function
When connected to power supply, this product immediately in the heating state, the factory setting temperature of 230 degrees (ABS best temperature), can also be adjusted according to the current environmental temperature.
6,Temperature adjustable function
This product is the world's first temperature display and adjustable paint pen has two buttons, the tail part of the pen body, left to rise, right to drop, long press adjusting sustainable, when temperature is adjusted, digital 5S after stop flashing, confirm the setting temperature.
7, The forward backward function
The pen body front end, a back and forward button, when temperature rises to the set temperature, press forward, wait a moment supplies will flow out from the nozzle, the paint brush after use, be sure to press the back button, until supplies out of the pen body.

- Voltage input: 220V
- Power output: 12V 2.5A
- Nozzle diameter: 1mm
- Color: White

Package Included:
- 1* 3D Print Pen
- 1* Power adapter
- 2* Filament