A3967 EasyDriver Drive Driver Board for Stepper Motor

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- A3967 Motor Driver IC
- MS1 and MS2 foot used to control the motor segment (2,4,8), the default is 8 segments.
- Compatible with any voltage 4,6 and 8 wire stepper motors.
- Adjustable current control
- Power input range 7-30V, the higher the voltage, the higher torque at high speed
- Can work with any Pulse signal equipment which output is 0-5V (3V please Short circuit SJ2) .
- Supply voltage to the motor through access to 7-30V power, and can drive almost any stepper motor.
- voltage regulator chip can be set to 3.3V or 5V, directly with the 4-wire stepper motor and micro-controller and precisely control the stepper motor movement.