90*45CM Summer Cool Mat Bed Non Toxic Cooling Pet Pad Cushion XL Snowflake

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90*45CM Summer Cool Mat Bed Non Toxic Cooling Pet Pad Cushion XL Snowflake

This new generation cooling mat which does not contain any gel or water. It contains high heat absorption material(PCM - phase-change material) which absorbs 50 times more heat than other cooling mats. No more gel, water leaking. The best choice in hot summer. Non Toxic, Self cooling.

Simply place Cooling Mat under anything that needs cooling and it instantly absorbs heat, making body comfortably cool betwwen 25 degrees to 29 degrees for up to 6 hours without using electricity. PCM naturally crystallizes to solid state below 25 dgrees. To reuse , just leave it to itself and wait for it to turn back to solid, or for speed cooling, put it in the freezer for around 10 minutes until the PCM crystallizes.


- Size:90CM X 45CM
- Colour: Snowflake
- Self cooling without power
- Top Quality product
- Wear-resistant and bite-resistant two-layer PVC heat-sealing material.
- Easy to maintain
- Thickened design, more comfortable for your pets.
- Inner core uses "Phase Change Thermostatic Materials" which absorbs heat 50 times more effectively than equal water or gel, and more, it keeps constant temperature
- for up to 8 hours to always cool you or your pet off.
- waterproof material, comfortable to use.
- No water leakage and 300kg compression resistance.

Package Included:

- 1x Summer Cool Mat

Colour Snowflake