6x2M Inflatable Gym Mat Air Tumbling Track Gymnastics Cheerleading Pad w/ Pump

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6x2M Inflatable Gym Mat Air Tumbling Track Gymnastics Cheerleading Pad w/ Pump

- Made of hight quality PVC material,excellent air tightness, wear-resisting and with long service life.
- Adopt wire drawing workmanship in the inner,good elasticity, strong bearing capacity, and not easy to deformation.
- Close valve design, completely sealed and no leakage.
- With the electric pump, it is more convenient to use.
- All the adhesive parts of all the use of glue bonding, peel strength and high temperature, hydrolysis resistance, anti-ultraviolet performance are excellent, even in the sun exposure, the stability of the air connection parts are fully guaranteed.
- Material color fastness, cloth color as long as the new, special wear-resistant two-color body care, so that the hull durable.
- Suitable for used to do gymnastics, yoga, taekwondo, etc.

- Size: 6x2X0.2M
- Color: Blue+White,Pink+White (optional or at random)
- Material: PVC (PolyVinylChloride)
- Technical: Heat sealed
- Voltage of Electric Pump:110V or 220-240V

Inflatable method:

the use of special fan from the safety self-locking nozzle for inflation, please note that inflation can not be full, so as not to inflate and lead to burst damage to the product. When the outdoor temperature is higher than 28 degrees due to the high temperature will make the product expansion, in order to avoid product expansion in the inflatable appropriate to reduce the amount of inflation.

Product maintenance and maintenance:
1, the product damage within 10cm, you can use the repair glue and repair film, in the damaged and repair film coated with special glue, glue 5 minutes after the sticky sticky after heating bonding, appropriate extrusion, a few minutes After the normal use.
2, in case of wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, equipment should be strictly prohibited to avoid accidents.
3, do not use a long time, you can use the washing powder to remove the surface stains clean, and then scrub with water after the sun can dry.
4, if long-term do not have to clean and dry after drying the product will be folded, bundled, packaged well. Storage temperature is generally in -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius is appropriate Products should pay attention to rodent control insect bites.

Package included:
- 1 x Inflatable Gym Mat
- 1 x Electric Pump

Size 6x2X0.2M
Color Blue+White,Pink+White (optional or at random)
Material PVC (PolyVinylChloride)
Technical Heat sealed