60W Multifunctional Laser Pyrography Pen Machine Gourd Wood Craft Tool Kit

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60W Multifunctional Laser Pyrography Pen Machine Gourd Wood Craft Tool Kit

This brand new Multi-function Pyrography Machine is a professional multifunction machine for pyrography, which has two heating pens can be used at the same time. The machine case is made of plastic, it has advantages of longer lifespan, easy to maintain, work safely and reliably. This machine is a better full-featured tool. It is the pyrography, hard-wired painting as one of the multifunctional tool. It works by heating wire pyrography, copper pyrography, hot air apply colours to a drawing of a gun.
1.Power Switch :
Turn on the switch during using , turn off the machine when not in use to avoid danger.
2.Indicator Light :
The machine starts up when the light is red.
3.Temperature Control :
Adjust temperature of the pen. Keep the normal temperature range in gray area, do not turn to red area as excessive temperature will reduce the pen’s service life even burn out other units. Appropriate adjustment of temperature is very important, normally the pen is in slight red will be okay.
4.Voltmeter :
Pen’s temperature is adjusted by adjusting the voltage.
5.Pyrography Pen Socket & Plug :
Tightly connect the socket and plug to avoid loose contacts.

- Heating wire pyrography pen is a small workpiece of pyrography tool
- The screwdriver can install and disassemble pen head
- Only with one pen socket when using
- Pyrography nib includes 10pcs φ1mm heater strip, 10pcs copper pen head
- Heating wire pyrography pen head is used for inking in the lines
- Copper pen head is multi-purpose use in rendering, painting, inking in the lines, silking and calligraphy,
- 20pcs pen heads included

- Voltage: AC 110V / 220V(Optional)
- Total power: 60W
- Temperature setting: heater strip 0 - 800℃; copper pen head 0 - 500℃
- Blade diameter: 1mm
- Display: Pointer display
- Pyrography pen: 2pcs(1pcs for meticulous pyrography, 1pcs for apply colours to a drawing)
- Pyrography nib: 10pcs φ1mm heater strip, 10pcs copper pen head

Package Included:
- 1 X 60W Host Machine
- 1 X Pyrography Pen
- 10 X Copper Heating Tips
- 10 X Pyrography Tips